Gabby Petito Spent 22nd Birthday on Same Trail Where Brian Laundrie Is Reportedly Hiding

by Shelby Scott

It’s been 10 days since Brian Laundrie’s parents reported him missing. Additionally, it’s been 13 days since he left to supposedly hike North Port, Florida’s Carlton Reserve. The manhunt in the swampy land has turned up zero leads so far. Now, it appears officials have finally begun prodding other areas.

Most recently, law enforcement have honed in on the East Coast’s Appalachian Trail. Hauntingly, the 2,190-mile trail where the 23-year-old fugitive supposedly hides is the same location Gabby Petito spent her 22nd birthday.

Per The Sun, the 22-year-old woman’s Instagram shows herself and Laundrie spending time together hiking the Appalachian Trail on March 27th. Just nine days after her birthday, she shares photos of herself navigating rocky stream beds. Another features Laundrie himself, the two huddled together in a hammock and apparently stopping for a rest. Their specific location saw them in Georgia at the time.

So, one of Petito’s final celebratory hikes lay within the Appalachian Trail. Additionally, friends of Gabby believe a good chance exists Laundrie could survive the wilderness along the trail for months.

The friend, Rose Davis, said, “I know he lived in the Appalachians for what I believe was three months, and he did it by himself, so I know he’s skilled at it.”

As authorities regroup and consider new leads, Dog the Bounty Hunter further believes Laundrie hides somewhere along the coastal trail. In addition, private investigator Bill Warner said, “Brian Laundrie photo from Pinterest @blaundrie1197 age, elite hiker, outdoorsman, on the run in the woods, may be headed for the Appalachian Trail.”

Local Cowboy Doubts Brian Laundrie Could Survive Carlton Reserve

So for now, we wait. Hopefully soon, updates emerge about potential findings that point to Brian Laundrie’s presence along the Appalachian Trail. Meanwhile, investigators have thoroughly combed the vast expanse of FL’s Carlton Reserve to no avail. Now, one local cowboy’s assist further confirms one essential posit. And that’s that it would be almost impossible for the fugitive to hide out in the swamp.

The cattle rancher, Alan McEwen, has occupied the area near the preservation for 30 years. As such, he has become intensely familiar with the lay of the swampland. Although, he further stressed the hostile dangers one may face in it. After making numerous cattle rescues from the swamp, one would learn a thing or two about how to survive the trip.

Of Laundrie’s situation, McEwen said conclusively, “There’s no surviving out there, I don’t know how to say it.” The cattle rancher has been lending his hand to law enforcement as their investigation took them into the Carlton Reserve.

McEwen further told Fox News, “I have learned a lot in my life, and one thing I know is no one is gonna survive out there for two weeks on foot.” Current threats include waist-deep waters from recent flooding, venomous snakes, boars, massive alligators, and more.