Gabby Petito Tribute Video Released by Funeral Home Ahead of Visitation

by Kati Michelle

Following the news of her homicide, Gabby Petito’s case continues to highlight the intricacies and difficulties of the legal and criminal systems. All the attention keeps drawing in more individuals who want a hand in bringing Gabby and her family justice. One such individual is Dog the Bounty Hunter. He actually showed up at the home that Gabby, at one point, shared with Brian Laundrie and his parents. Dog is joined by a rather large internet community made up of several different Facebook groups and thousands of self-proclaimed internet sleuths with a similar mission.

Still, while the ongoing investigation takes place, Gabby’s parents remind everyone this is also a “time of mourning.” A close family friend launched a special ribbon campaign, while candlelight vigils and memorials continue to pop up in various parts of the country. Most recently, the funeral home hosting the family’s services released a Gabby Petito tribute video ahead of the scheduled Visitation.

Watch the full tribute video here.

Celebrating the Life of Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito’s parents chose New York’s Moloney Funeral Home to host their daughter’s services. The home released this tribute video ahead of those services. The video spans Gabby’s entire life from birth in 1999 up to more recently, before her death. The clips show Gabby as the world saw her: happy, bubbly, kind, and caring.

She clearly loved “adventuring” as much as she loved her family. Clips in the 30-minute montage include videos of Gabby paddleboarding, ziplining, and hiking. Several clips also show the late “van life” blogger with animals. Namely, the footage shows her smiling while handling crabs on the beach as well as spending time with family dogs. Classical music accompanies the clips in the background as not to overshadow or distract from the tribute.

The Funeral Home announced its services will be open to the public, and additionally, they will also live stream the event. The live stream is slated for noon-5pm Sunday while the Funeral proceedings won’t take place until Monday. The link to the live stream is included below:

Gabby Petito Memorial Visitation Moloney’s Holbrook from Connor Moloney on Vimeo.

Foundation Updates

You may have heard that Gabby’s father, Joseph Petito, mentioned starting a Future Gabby Petito Foundation. Well, the family released more details surrounding that project. The Foundation is aimed at other families who find themselves in similar tragic situations so they don’t “have to be alone.” This refers to families who experience a lost or missing family member and all the confusing legalities surrounding that. Unfortunately, not many foundations like that exist. This does, however, mean that Gabby Petito’s light continues to shine far beyond her time on this earth. Her story may even go on to save other lives now. You can read more about it here.