Gabby Petito’s Father Says Family Is Seeing Signs From Her ‘Everywhere’

by Kati Michelle

Between Gabby Petito’s parents, step-parents, close family friends, and their lawyer, Tuesday’s New York press conference proved to be a powerful one. It actually marked the first time that Gabby’s parents spoke since her disappearance. Although they initially vowed to remain silent until Gabby returned home, they said that was not possible at this time. The coroner is keeping her remains “safe” at the moment.

The press conference covered a lot of information including other missing persons cases, their thoughts on the FBI’s involvement, and their thoughts on Dog the Bounty Hunter as well. They also revealed matching tattoos designed by Gabby herself. One of the most powerful moments of the conference, however, involved “signs” the family reportedly continues to receive from their “angel” Gabby above.

Family Says Their Gabby Petito Continues to Watch Over Them As an Angel

Gabby’s father made multiple mentions of signs that he and other family members continue to receive from “above.” These signs let the family know that their “angel” Gabby Petito is watching over them. After his eloquent speech at her memorial, his statements at the press conference were equally as powerful. At one point, he said: “The signs from Gabby are everywhere, you’ve just gotta look for them.”

When asked for specific instances of these signs, Nicole Schmidt spoke up about an experience the family had on Monday.

“We got behind a car yesterday and there was a Wyoming sticker and GBZ on the license plate,” she said. “She is with us.”

The family took “GBZ” to mean “Gabz,” a nickname they often used to refer to their daughter. They continued to refer to Gabby as their “angel.” This is also reminiscent of one of the viral photos of Gabby Petito against a wall adorned with wings.

At this time, neither the Laundrie family nor their lawyer has responded to the press conference.

What They Think About the Laundrie Family’s Continued Silence

On the matter of the Laundrie Family’s continued silence, the Petito family looked visibly disappointed. They rolled their eyes when the press asked about their feelings, and let their lawyer, Richard Stafford do the talking. His official statement on the matter proceeded as follows:

“The Laundries did not help us find Gabby. They are sure not going to help us find Brian. For Brian – we are asking you to turn yourself in.”

At this time, Brian Laundrie remains a wanted fugitive. Although officials seem to be scaling back their search of the Florida Reserve he was presumed to be located within, their efforts have not turned towards another location yet. There is the possibility of the search eventually turning towards this campsite that the Laundrie parents allegedly visited twice.