Gabby Petito’s Father Wants Your Help Finding Missing Woman

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Gabby Petito’s father wants people’s help in finding another missing woman. Mikaiya, a 30-year-old woman, went missing in late October. She hasn’t been seen since.

Gabby’s case garnered a lot of media attention when the Instagram influencer went missing earlier this year. Petito’s body was later discovered after a national search. Likewise, her boyfriend and person of interest Brian Laundrie is also dead after going missing. While many answers remain, Petito’s family wants to use the press to help other families.

Gabby’s father has stayed true to that word, sharing Mikaiya’s case on his Instagram. He wants to help her family locate her.

Gabby’s father took to his Instagram page to write, “Ok #instagram and #truecrime sleuths please help find 30-year-old #Mikaiya,” according to The Sun. Nobody has seen Mikaiya since October 22, according to reports.

The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System wrote of her case, “Mikiaya was last seen by her family on 10-22-2021 at her residence outside walking around. She left in a 2015 Chevrolet Cruze, 4 door dark green in color with a Virginia license plate and accident damage to the rear bumper. Mikiaya has dark brown hair at the top down to the top of her ears then the color transitions to blonde/white color and is past her shoulders.”

Gabby Petito’s Father on Instagram

Previously, Gabby Petito’s father asked investigators to shine a light on all missing persons cases. He hopes everyone receives the same attention that his daughter did.

“I want to ask law enforcement to help everyone who is missing,” he previously said. “And if you don’t do that for other people that are missing, that’s a shame because it’s not just Gabby that deserves that. So, look to yourselves on why that’s not being done.”

Users commented on the Instagram post showing support for shining a light on the missing woman Mikiaya. The post called for internet “#truecrime sleuths” to help find the missing woman.

If you recall, internet sleuths searched for answers and details involving his daughter Gabby Petito. Users everywhere tried to figure out what happened. What were the details? Where was Gabby Petito? It took the internet and message-board community by storm. It included sleuths studying her social media posts. They tried to find out if she tried to “code” her messages.

Internet sleuths are still investigating into Gabby’s case, searching for answers. They believed that Gabby left coded messages behind via lyrics and colors. But authorities are still piecing together what happened to Petito after her death. Authorities discovered Brian Laundrie’s remains after an extensive search that drew media attention. Dog the Bounty Hunter also latched onto the case and attempted to locate Laundrie as well. We will keep you updated as both cases progress.