General Motors Officially Recalls 740,000 SUVs Over Headlight Issue

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images)

Earlier this year, General Motors issued a bid with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to avoid the recall of over 700,000 small SUV vehicles. The recall issue is in regards to headlight beams which are deemed to be dangerously bright. However, the bid failed. Now the automaker giant is officially recalling as many as 740,000 SUVs.

GM Recalls At A Glance

  • Questions about the safety and brightness of the headlights on some General Motors SUVs have led to news of potential recalls in recent years.
  • General Motors has been looking for options to avoid a recall since the concerns were brought to light.
  • Now, the Detroit-based automaker has officially made the recall annoucnement, recalling as many as 740,000 SUVs.

General Motors Officially Issues Recall On 740,000 Small SUV Vehicles Made Within a Seven-Year Time Frame

The small GMC SUV vehicles that are part of the recall feature headlight beams that can be far too bright, creating a dangerous glare for oncoming drivers. General Motors officially announced the recall Tuesday morning; after another request by the Detroit-based automaker to avoid the recall has been turned down by U.S. safety regulators.

With this announcement, General Motors states that GMC Terrain SUVs – which were built between 2010 and 2017 – are now recalled due to the headlight issue. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents, the reflections caused by the headlight housings may illuminate areas with enough light to reduce visibility for other drivers. This, of course, increases the risk of a crash.

One company spokesperson, Dan Flores notes that the General Motors company does not know how long it will take to develop a repair for the issues.

“We are still finalizing an actual remedy for the affected vehicles,” notes spokesman Dan Flores of the process. However, General Motors expects to notify owners of the GMC Terrain SUVs in question by letter; starting as early as April 23.

General Motors Has Been Looking For Options In Hopes to Avoid the Mass Recall Of SUVs

The battle to avoid the recall has been an ongoing issue between General Motors and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that started in 2019. This is when the automaker giant requested the NHTSA avoid issuing the recall. According to General Motors (GM), the issue did not translate into a safety issue in regards to other vehicles.

However, the NHTSA denied these requests. According to documents, GM has noted that the company believes the lights meet safety standards within the industry. In fact, GM has stated that the company has received only one customer complaint about the headlight beams. And, this complaint was in regards to the headlights shining into trees – not affecting other drivers on the roadways.

But, the NHTSA says, the GMC Terrain SUVs included in the mass recall do not meet the industry standards. The NHTSA says the headlight beams on the SUVs are three times brighter than the legal brightness amount. This, the agency says, can easily cause dangerous glares for oncoming traffic.