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General Motors Suspends Auto Exports To Russia

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

As the Russian military forces continue to invade neighbor Ukraine, General Motors has reportedly suspended auto exports to Russia.

According to FOX Business, General Motors states that it will suspend vehicle exports to Russia until further notice due to the conflict in Ukraine. “Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine at this time. The loss of life is a tragedy and our overriding concern is for the safety of the people in the region.”

General Motors also told the media outlet that it is working to safeguard its staff in Russia as it continues to analyze the implications sanctions imposed on the country will have on its business. “We will continue to monitor developments and take action to implement mitigation strategies as appropriate.”

Meanwhile, the automaker’s lead competitor, Ford, has not responded to FOX Business’ request on the status of its operations in Russia. The company notably has a joint venture operation in the Eastern European country called Ford Sollers. 

Along with General Motors, Germany’s Daimler Truck and Swedish Automaker Volvo Have Suspended Some Business in Russia 

Reuters further reports that Germany’s Daimler Truck and Swedish automated Volvo have suspended some business in Russia as well. Volvo declares in a statement the decision due to the potential risks with trading material with Russia. This includes sanctions imposed by the European Union and the U.S. “Volvo Cars will not deliver any cars to the Russian market until further notice.”

A Volvo spokesman also shared that the carmaker exports vehicles to Russia from plants in Sweden, China, and the U.S. The company sold around 9,000 vehicles in Russia last year. 

Daimler Truck stated that it would freeze its business activities in Russia. This includes its cooperation with Russian truck maker Kamaz. The company notes that no more trucks will be built under Daimler’s joint partnership with Kamaz. There will also be no more components supply to it. “Our cooperation with Kamaz is purely civilian in nature. In this cooperation, it goes without saying that we have always strictly complied with all applicable export control and sanctions regulations.”

The car brand always writes that it was deeply shocked by the military violence in Ukraine. It will be monitoring the situation closely. “We will comply with all measures taken by the German government and the EU.”

Meanwhile, Reuters writes that Mercedes-Benz Group is now looking into legal options to divest its 15% stake in Kamaz. A Mercedes spokesperson tells the media outlet that the company is re-evaluating business activities in light of the current events in Ukraine. 

Mercedes-Benz Group is formerly Daimler AG. It is the former parent company of Daimler Truck before the truck maker spun off. Daimler Truck was originally part of Daimler AG from November 2019 to December 2021.