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George Floyd’s Sister Breaks Her Silence With Strong Words for President Trump

by Outsider
(Photo by GODOFREDO A. VASQUEZ/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

George Floyd’s sister LaTonya Floyd has officially broken her silence.

Her reasoning for speaking out? Donald Trump’s divisive race politics. LaTonya spoke to the Daily Mirror that Donald Trump preside over the “White Supremacist House.”

Floyd spoke in support of Joe Biden for president, “refusing to allow” her brother’s life to be taken in vain.

George Floyd was killed four months ago by a white policeman. He struggled visibly while the policeman held his knee to Floyd’s neck. He told officer Derek Chauvin repeatedly “I can’t breathe” but relief never came.

LaTonya, 51, said “The first presidential debate shows he is not, nor ever has been, a good president.”

“He actively emboldens the far right, people like the Proud Boys, who he told to ‘stand by’ on Tuesday night” She further denounced Trump, saying that “leaders are defined by their characters and by their conviction.”

“In the four years of his presidency, he has taken America back over 40 years. The country is more divided now than in the times of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. All on his watch.”

LaTonya Floyd and brother George Floyd were incredibly close. They spent most of their time together. Up until this point, LaTonya had refused to comment on the matter.

“Our votes are stronger than any brick that is thrown, that is how we will bring about the change this country needs,” LaTonya concluded. She urged voters to get out on the streets this November to cast their votes.

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