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George Jones Museum in Nashville Shuts Down Amid Workforce Shortage, Supply Chain Issues

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Ed Rode/Getty Images)

The George Jones Museum opened in 2015. The massive four-story building sat in downtown Nashville like a beacon for fans of the music and legacy of Possum. Inside, fans could see hundreds of artifacts from Jones’ life and career. Additionally, the complex contained a bar, a restaurant, and a live music venue. The museum and venue pulled in countless people from across the country. Now, all of that is over.

Monday, the George Jones Museum announced that it would be shutting down via a Facebook post. In the post, they said that the museum/venue/restaurant opened with a simple goal in mind. They wanted to give George Jones’ fans a place to gather and “share the journey of Possum’s life and music,” while also enjoying great food, drinks, and live music. By all accounts, they’ve been accomplishing that goal for years.

While working up to the announcement, the management at the George Jones museum shared their gratitude with fans and past patrons. “During the last several years, we have met many of you, shared stories, and bonded not only over George Jones, but over country music, Nashville, and the spirit of all that encompasses. We are so grateful to all of you for that!”

Why the Geroge Jones Museum Closed

Then, the post got into why the George Jones venue and museum would be closing its doors. They’ve had a rough couple of years, just like everyone else. It’s possible that the venue had it harder than most, though. Like many businesses, they weathered the storm of COVID. They dealt with the closures, re-openings, and limited capacities. Additionally, they were just blocks away from last year’s Christmas morning bombing.

More recently, the George Jones Museum and venue has dealt with a shortage of workers along with supply chain issues. You’d be hard-pressed to find a business that hasn’t been hit by those issues. This is especially true for the service and entertainment industries.

There is some good news, though. The post said that all of the items in the George Jones museum are being “handled with care.” Additionally, they hinted that those artifacts wouldn’t just end up sitting in storage somewhere. “There will be more to come on where this exhibit will land next,” the post said.

So, at least we know there will be a place to see the George Jones museum exhibit in the future. In the video below, you can get a glimpse of the collection. You’ll see a green John Deere lawnmower, some Nudie suits, guitars, and so much more. In the video, Jones’ widow, Nancy says that she collected all of these items over the years and refused to get rid of anything. Deep down, she knew that one day she’d put together a museum not only to honor her late husband but also to give his fans a deeper knowledge of his career and his life.