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George Washington’s 1776 Christmas Day Delaware River Crossing Reenactment Returns

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Todd Warshaw/Pool/Getty Images)

Hundreds of people gathered on both sides of the Delaware River on Christmas Day. The reason? To watch an annual re-enactment of George Washington’s crossing in 1776. Last year, people were forced to watch online due to the pandemic and restrictions on crowds.

The re-enactment took about an hour to complete on Saturday afternoon. Three boats participated in the event. The weather was alright – overcast skies and mild temperatures. Earlier in December, 5,000 people attended a rehearsal for the event. The weather for the rehearsal was great.

Thousands of people have always shown up to watch the historical re-enactment. People gather in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, and Titusville, New Jersey, to watch Washington and his troops make the brave journey. The pandemic isn’t the first time that the re-enactment was canceled or otherwise delayed. 2017 and 2018 were both canceled years for the event. This was due to high winds one year, and high water the next.

The event is full of historical activities. In addition to the boat ride, there are historical speeches and processions. Plus, many people attend the event wearing historical clothes.

The original Delaware crossing involved 2,400 troops, 200 horses, and 18 cannons. Washington’s troops marched eight miles to fight the Hessians. Around 30 Hessians died in the battle, and two soldiers froze to death during the march there.

George Washington’s Estate Sells for Jaw-Dropping Price

At the beginning of November, George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate sold for $50 million. That’s the highest residential sale in the D.C. area, ever. The house was previously owned by the CEO of Lockheed Martin. Robert and Michelle Stevens bought the house in 2014 for a much lower price. They paid $18.6 million for the property.

The estate is huge, of course. The property sits on some 16 acres of land. The main house is 16,000 square feet. There are a total of seven rooms and 13 bathrooms in the main house. Plus, there’s a carriage house. The carriage house includes a four-car garage, a studio apartment, and a winding dock. There are multiple rose gardens around it. In addition to all of that space, there’s also a guest house. The guest house is more modest, being a three-bedroom and three-bathroom space.

Also known as the River View estate, every square inch of the property is luxurious and beautiful. As you might gather from the name, it boasts a beautiful river view of the Potomac River.

The Mount Vernon estate was originally part of a much larger parcel of land owned by Washington. The original property was 1,800 acres. George Washington bought the property in 1760. Now, most of the land is owned by the American Horticultural Society and used for museum purposes.