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Georgia Pilot Rescued After Plane Gets Caught Dangling in Power Lines for Hours

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Stephan Schulz/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Power lines can prove to be a tricky factor when it comes to your everyday rescue. While rescue crews typically work fast, extricating victims with all speed necessary, this isn’t always the case. Most recently, a Georgia pilot’s plane became entangled within powerlines for several hours before rescuers could safely come to his aid.

Nevertheless, it appears the plane’s entrapment within the power lines served as a cushion ahead of a potentially injurious crash. Newsweek reports the pilot remained in the power lines for two hours before rescuers could remove him from the plane.

Further, according to WJXT, a Georgia news station, the pilot’s entrapment in the power lines left him dangling about 25 feet above the ground. Authorities reportedly responded to the airplane incident around 10 a.m. on Thursday.

Thankfully, the pilot only sustained minor injuries and crews removed him from the plane. Ware Country Sheriff’s Office stated the pilot was “responsive” following the rescue. Additionally, the sheriff’s office explained the delay in rescue time to the outlet. They noted, “Emergency crews have now been able to extricate him from the plane and fully render aid due to first needing to secure the power before rescue efforts can ensue.”

Due to the sensitivity and high voltage of everyday powerlines, rescue crews must always remain cautious. Securing the lines remains a priority during any rescue, maintenance, etc. in order to prevent unnecessary injury and death.

Further, Newsweek shared that the Federal Aviation Administration plans to carry out an investigation of the incident. They then plan to release additional information.

Military Plane Crash Forces Pilots to Self Eject

Fortunately, in the rescue of the entrapped pilot, recovery saw the safety of both the victim and rescue crews. Additionally prior to the Georgia crash, two pilots in Fort Worth, Texas were forced to self-eject. Mid-flight, their aircraft crashed into a local neighborhood Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, both pilots escaped safely, however, the incident is nevertheless intimidating.

The military plane itself, the first of the two crashes, became entangled in some TX powerlines near Fort Worth. The crash caused some serious property damage. However, thankfully, no local residents were harmed in the crash either. Regardless, authorities reported that, following the crash, the American Red Cross arrived on the scene to double-check all involved remained unharmed.

Although, interestingly, the cause for the crash remains unknown. According to reports, the two pilots were involved in a routine flight operation. They initially took off from Corpus Christi International Airport.

One witness to the crash, Kaitlyn Deramus, described quite a scary scene. Yet, nevertheless, she kept her elderly neighbors at the forefront of her mind in her plans to help.

About the initial crash, Deramus said, “I was in my car on 199 in front of the donut shop when the pilot landed on the powerlines.” She continued, “While driving, I heard a loud explosion and debris was hitting the car.”

Deramus expressed major concern for the elderly women occupying the homes near the crash. She ran to the scene to assist in the women’s evacuation. Following the elderly women’s evacuation of the affected homes, Deramus concluded, “[The women] are okay physically.”