Georgia School Crowded Hallway Photo: Multiple COVID-19 Cases Reported

by Jacklyn Krol

After going viral for crowded hallways without social distancing or face masks, students at a Georgia school have tested positive for COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Cases

A sophomore student shared a photo of the crowded hallway at North Paulding High School. The photo caused an uproar amongst people who debated whether or not schools should open in the first place.

The school reported six students and three staff members tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). The school went to virtual learning and is being cleaned.

“As a result of our being informed of nine cases of Covid-19 at North Paulding High School following the first week of in-person instruction, along with the possibility that number could increase if there are currently pending tests that prove positive, we have consulted with the Department of Public Health and are temporarily switching the instructional method to Digital Learning at NPHS,” Superintendent Brian Otott said in a letter.

See the crowded hallway photo, below.

The Student’s Punishment

Sophomore Hannah Watters shared the photo online. For violating school privacy and using social media during school, Watters was suspended for five days.

“I took it mostly out of concern and nervousness after seeing the first days of school,” she told CNN of her decision to take the photo. “I was concerned for the safety of everyone in that building and everyone in the county,” she added. Furthermore, she claimed that the CDC guidelines were not being followed on campus.

What a Nurse Had to Say

A nurse in the school district spoke about the incident and safety of returning to school.”I find it very heartbreaking, and it was obviously some sort of validation,” Amy Westmoreland told CNN. “But it was not the validation that I necessarily wanted to see.”

“I love these children, I love my job, but I love them enough to take a stand,” she continued. Westmoreland added that there are consequences if parents or staff speak out against the re-opening of schools.

“Simply put on a mask, wear a mask and let’s work together and get rid of this,” she concluded. “We all want normalcy, and we aren’t going to get it if we don’t help ourselves.”