Gerry Marsden, Lead Singer of Gerry and the Pacemakers, Dead at 78

by Katie Maloney

Gerry Marsden, lead singer of the ’60s British rock group, Gerry and the Pacemakers, has died.

After battling a serious blood infection that moved to his heart, Marsden passed away on Sunday. Marsden’s iconic band was part of the ’60’s “British Invasion” – a series of British rock bands that followed the Beatles in overtaking music in America and around the world. The band solidified their fame in America with their hit, “Ferry, Cross the Mersey.” The song spent 11 weeks on the Hot 100 chart and peaked in the number six spot. The song is about a man knowing that where he is currently is exactly where he wants to stay. Marsden wrote the song as a tribute to his hometown.

Gerry and the Pacemakers’ “Ferry, Cross the Mersey.”

Gerry Marsden Became An Icon For Liverpool Football

The Band hit it big with their third number-one single, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Additionally, the song quickly became known throughout the world as Liverpool Football’s anthem. The song is played moments before the kick-off of every home game.

“The song is about moving through the bad times with hope, knowing that “you’ll never walk alone.” During the song, Marsden sings, “Walk on through the wind. Walk on through the rain. Though your dreams be tossed and blown. Walk on, walk on. With hope in your heart. And you’ll never walk alone.”

Maintaining commitment and faith through times of both celebration and commiseration is an experience every loyal sports fan understands. Even more so now after his passing, Marsden’s song will forever be lovingly linked to the sport he loved. The football club even posted a tribute to Marsden via Twitter.

The team posted a photo of Marsden performing in front of a stadium of fans. Along with the photo, they wrote “It is with such great sadness that we hear of Gerry Marsden’s passing. Gerry’s words will live on forever with us. You’ll Never Walk Alone.”