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Gingerbread Oreo Cookies Are Now on Shelves and Social Media Can’t Get Enough

by Outsider
People can't get enough of gingerbread Oreos.
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Gingerbread is a popular holiday flavor for treats. We’re still a few months out from Christmas, but Gingerbread Oreo cookies are now on store shelves.

We’re barely out of pumpkin spice season, but Oreo works fast. With Gingerbread Oreo cookies out, people can’t get enough of the tasty little morsels. They’re grabbing them off store shelves. As a result, they’ll be in short supply this year.

An Oreo rep confirmed that the spicy little snaps are indeed on store shelves to People, so that means it’s officially time to go stock up on the delicious desserts before they’re all gone.


The base cookies that form the sandwich are made from a delicious gingerbread. The creme in the middle is a sweet vanilla. Each cookie is coated in sugar crystals. Each cookie has a fun holiday-themed design stamped on top as well. As such, they’ll be rolling out nationwide soon, but you’ll have to be quick. They’ll only be available for a limited time.

These flavors join the rest of the Oreo special edition troupe. For instance, you can get Birthday Cake, Pumpkin Spice, Red Velvet, and more.

The internet loves Gingerbread Oreo cookies

Naturally, people can’t get enough of these special edition cookies. The fact that they’re special edition only makes them better. Here’s what people are saying about the gingery goodness.


If you’re at the store looking for something sweet, and the Oreo aisle happens to be calling your name, you might want to head over. You won’t want to miss getting into the holiday spirit a little earlier this year.

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