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Girl Scout Cookies Releases Thin Mints Ice Cream Cones

by Evan Reier
Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Girl Scout Cookies are simply the best. From Tagalongs to Thin Mints, the cookie brand has brought smiles to faces since 1917.

Of course, the years have seen countless collaborations and remixes on all of the classic flavors. The brand’s ever-popular Thin Mint pops up in all types of forms and aisles. Famously, ice cream companies like Breyer’s have released delicious Thin Mint-inspired or infused flavors.

Now, the Girl Scout Cookies brand is taking it a step further. The company has teamed up with Keebler to release a Thin Mint-dipped ice cream cone. Thin Mints in the hands of the Keebler elves? Sounds like a good idea to us.

That’s what Brian Lutz, senior brand manager at Keebler cones, thinks as well.

“With the help of Girl Scouts and a little magic from Keebler Elves,” Lutz said. “We’re able to bring a delicious Girl Scout Cookies flavor to summertime.”

As someone who especially loves mint chocolate chip ice cream, these things sound like heaven. Whether you’re combining with mint ice cream or another creative flavor, it’s hard to imagine these things tasting bad. That is, in part, to how they’re crafted.

Girl Scout Cookies and Keebler Combine for Thin Mint Cones

According to Delish, the thing that truly makes these cones have the classic Girl Scout Cookies feel is how they dip the cones.

For one, this is the brand’s first-ever fudge-dipped cone. Secondly, the cones are dipped in dark chocolate, like the classic cookie. However, it’s the use of the same peppermint oil that Girl Scout Cookies uses for Thin Mints that is the difference-maker here.

So, rather than having to bide your time and prepare your wallet for the classic Thin Mint flavor, you can get your fix right now in May. But it’s worth mentioning that these aren’t here forever.

As with any brand partnership, there are limited supplies and will only be around for a little while. The good news is that the cones come in a 12-pack, which means plenty of chances for a pretty sweet dessert.