Girl Scout Shatters Sales Record with Over 30,000 Boxes Sold

by Will Shepard

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t like Girl Scout cookies? Because that is certainly an anomaly in the United States. Nonetheless, there is a little girl in California who just broke the record for cookie boxes sold.

An eight-year-old girl from San Bernadino, California, set a record for most Girl Scout cookies sold. Lilly Bumpus sold an incredible 32,484 boxes in one season. This absolutely shatters the previous record of 26,086 boxes sold.

One of the reasons that Bumpus was able to sell so many boxes of Girl Scout cookies was a promise she made. While selling the boxes, she promised to donate boxes to charity.

At the start of the cookie season for the scouts, she told her parents that she wanted to help others with her condition. The San Jose Mercury News first reported the story of Lilly Bumpus.

Girl Scout Sells Over 30,000 Boxes and Donates Some to Charity

Lilly Bumpus personally knows the value of generous donations. Her idea to give back to others was her own. The eight-year-old star is a “brownie” level Girl Scout. More importantly, though she is a survivor of Ewing’s sarcoma – which is a rare form of cancer.

After beating cancer, the Bumpus family decided to start a nonprofit to help others dealing with cancer. Consequently, the Team Lilly Foundation was begun. So, it makes complete sense that the young Girl Scout wanted to contribute in her own way to others.

According to Lilly’s mother, Trish Bauer, it was more than just selling the cookies. She does admit, though, that her daughter was determined to break the Girl Scout record for most boxes sold.

“She showed our community and the world it’s more than just buying cookies or buying a product.”

It is important to note that the Girl Scout cookie-selling season is typically six to eight weeks long. This only makes the feat more impressive. In the interview, Lilly’s mom notes that there was only a week left in the season, and her daughter hadn’t broken the record yet. But she says that Lilly was committed to breaking the record.

So, Lilly decided to put in an 11-hour shift outside her house to break the record. This turned out to be an outstanding move as she was able to sell 500 boxes in a day. She does say that a lot of the Girl Scout cookies were sold online in America and even internationally.

Most importantly, Lilly’s mother says that the funding is heading to cancer research and aiding the homeless.