Girl Scouts Adding New Brownie-Inspired Cookie in 2022

by Kati Michelle

The Girl Scouts are back again with their next sales pitch: brownie-inspired cookies. Originally, they grew their fanbase with classics like “Thin Mints” and “Lemonades.” Now, the “Adventurefuls” are here to make their mark.

Girl Scouts Unveil New Adventurefuls

Girl Scouts announced their “Adventurefuls” on twitter with a delightful description of the cookie and a colorful photo showcasing the cookie’s design. As stated, the brownie-inspired cookie is made up of a chocolate base topped with a caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt. PEOPLE exclusively revealed that the cookie’s release date is set for January 2022, just in time for the typical Girl Scout season.

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced the Girl Scouts to change the way they went about their sales. In some locations, a partnership with Grubhub has made selling and delivering Girl Scout cookies much safer and more efficient. Many troops also utilize a Digital Cookie platform in order to incorporate online sales and practice business skills. The organization hopes their new cookie badges will represent their mission and inspire their troops.

Selling Cookies in a Pandemic

The organization’s website is full of stories that showcase how different troops have responded to COVID-19. Some troops are using a portion of their sales to support biomedical research. Other troops are engaging in art projects that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Some troops are 3D printing face shields for frontline workers. Yet, other troops are volunteering their time to help combat the effects of loneliness on the elderly who have been isolated. Many troops are also donating cookies directly to police and healthcare workers to show their appreciation.

Despite these great feats mentioned above, the truth is that the troops are struggling. As previously reported, millions of boxes of cookies are still unsold. Perhaps the new “Adventurefuls” can start the upcoming season off strong. Where there are cookies, there’s hope.

The Classics Aren’t Going Anywhere

For those lovers of the originals, PEOPLE confirms that the Girl Scouts will continue to offer their most popular classics. Among these favorites are: Thin Mints, Samoas (or Caramel deLites), Tagalongs (or Peanut Butter Patties), Do-si-dos (or Peanut Butter Sandwich), Shortbread (or Trefoils), Toffee-tastic, Caramel Chocolate Chip, Lemonades, and S’mores.