Glowing Orange ‘UFO Lights’ Reportedly Sighted ‘Flying in Formation’ in Big Cities Across the U.S.

by Anna Dunn

People spotted strange glowing orange lights in the sky across multiple major cities in the US. Footage seems to show what looks like glowing orange “UFO’s” flying in formation across the sky.

One witness, Sumai Scott of Maryland, said he saw the lights flying above Baltimore. He reportedly said that there were six or seven lights that were orange and round.

When Scott posted the video on social media, multiple people from places like Las Vegas, Washington DC, St. Louis, and Detroit. One person from West Virginia chimed in.

“I had half a bottle of wine in me and thought I was imagining it. I’m glad someone was sharing my hallucination,” they wrote.

Another person from northern California reportedly said that “I saw about 30 of these traveling slowly in a single-file line…then vanishing within a couple of seconds. That orange glow is so distinctive.”

This case, however, has very little photographic evidence. While that’s not to say this isn’t true, a healthy amount of skepticism is always good in these cases.

The United States as a whole, however, has had a massive amount of UFO sightings in recent history. The Pentagon actually got involved.

UFOs Were Investigated by the US Government

A few years ago if you brought up UFOs, you’d be written off. Now, however, times are changing after a government report on UFO sightings over the years. The Pentagon even had a secret program dedicated to the investigation of UFOs (they call them UAPs, but that’s less catchy).

According to papers released in June, the Pentagon was unable to confirm or Deny the existence of UFOs. But thanks to a book coming out by someone who formerly worked on the program, we may be learning way more soon.

A Book is Coming Out on the Pentagon Program

Former Government official Luis Elizondo who headed the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification’s effort to study UFOs, is publishing a book with a Harper Collins affiliate detailing never before learned information about the program, and maybe even UFOs themself.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the book “promises to reveal shocking never-before-shared details regarding what Elizondo has learned about UFOs and the profound implications for humanity, all of which will escalate what is already a hot topic globally.”

Elizondo recently went on 60 Minutes to discuss the UFO phenomena. It gained 10 million views on youtube and is the show’s fourth most-watched segment on the platform.

Even former President Barack Obama has admitted to UFO sightings. In an interview on The Late Late Show, Obama talked about the strange objects the Pentagon has been intent on investigating.

“What is true, and I’m actually being serious here, is that there are, there’s footage and records of objects in the skies, that we don’t know exactly what they are. We can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory. They did not have an easily explainable pattern.”

It’s hard to say whether or not these orange lights are Pentagon Investigation-worthy or just a trick of the eye. Whatever the case may be, it’s far from the only time someone’s looked up at the night sky and found something strange.