GM Coming Out With 6 Trucks and SUV’s With Super Cruise Hands-Free Towing in 2022

by Megan Molseed

General Motors made technological strides a few years ago. This is when the company’s introduction of the hands-free driver-assist cruise control option in the Cadillac CT6 model first became available. The car company markets this feature as the “Super Cruise” option. Up until now, the luxury sedan has been the only General Motors vehicle to offer the technology.

Now, General Motors has announced it is bringing cutting-edge technology to multiple vehicles and models in 2022.

Recently, the automotive giant announced that the upcoming Cadillac Escalade, CT-4, CT-5 and Chevrolet Bolt EUV models will all offer Super Cruise. These updates are part of a General Motors plan to offer the astounding on more than twenty of its vehicles by the end of the next two years.

One of these updates is in the newest General Motors GMC Sierra pickup. Customers can expect to see a whole new level of technology when the 2022 model arrives on the market. The projected timeline is just a few short months. The company’s Chevrolet Silverado will also get new advanced features in the upgrade.

Both the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado will be getting electronic upgrades. General Motors will be installing a new program called the Vehicular Intelligent Platform (VIP) into the popular models. These stunning technology updates will offer faster networking, advanced computing technology in vehicles. The VIP platform will also provide software upgrade support to all the computers within the vehicle.

General Motors Introduces the Latest Advances

The Super Cruise technology will offer drivers lane-changing capabilities. The Super Cruise will offer three options that drivers can select from while operating the vehicles Super Cruise features. Once the blinker is engaged, the vehicle will have the ability to execute a lane change on its own.

When the automatic lane change option is activated the vehicle will work to sense when a lane change is necessary. As the vehicle drives, it may approach a vehicle moving below the current set speed. When this happens, the General Motors Super Cruise lane change sensors will check the lane to the left. It does this to determine if it is clear and then signal to the driver via an audible signal. The vehicle will then execute the lane change when possible unless the driver cancels the maneuver. The technology also allows the car to pass on the right if the left lane is blocked and the right lane is clear.

Advanced towing technology will also be among the General Motors updates. This system will adjust its calculations to adjust to accommodate for the extra weight. However, at this point, the lane-change option will not be available when a vehicle is towing a load.