GM Turns a 1972 Chevrolet El Camino Electric

by Chris Haney

General Motors (GM) is continuing to show off what they can do with electric vehicles by converting a 1972 Chevrolet El Camino SS from gas-powered to battery-powered.

Similar to many other automobile manufacturers, GM is currently transitioning its fleet of cars to electric vehicles. It will be a lengthy process and one that will take years to complete. For reference, rival automakers Ford stated that 40% of their vehicles will have electric motors by 2030. So it could be decades before companies are fully electric, but GM is highlighting the capabilities of the new electric technologies.

The car company has deemed the electric El Camino the “eLcamino.” Lingenfelter Engineering used GM’s eCrate Connect and Cruise conversion kit to turn the classic car into a battery-powered ride. The electric auto conversion kit will soon be made available for other custom car builds as well. The kit includes an electric motor that will connect to your pre-existing transmission, power controls, and battery. The eCrate will eventually come in multiple different versions with power outputs that range from 200 horsepower all the way up to a whopping 700 horsepower. 

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV Has Three New Drive Modes, Including ‘CrabWalk Mode’

One of the hottest upcoming electric vehicles available on the market is GM’s revamped Hummer series. The 2022 GMC Hummer EV will ship to customers next year and comes packed with tons of unique features. One of the wildest new features will be the car’s new “CrabWalk” drive mode.

According to GMC’s website page about the car, CrabWalk mode is a revolutionary driving mode that will use 4-wheel steering. Both the SUV and pickup versions have rear wheels that can turn up to 10 degrees in either direction. Therefore the vehicles can travel diagonally at low speeds to traverse tight trails and spaces.

Yet the CrabWalk isn’t the only new drive mode featured on GM’s new Hummer EV. The vehicles also have what’s called an “Extract” mode, which activates the car’s Adaptive Air Ride Suspension. This allows the electric Hummers’ suspension to rise 6 inches “to surmount tough obstacles – think traversing boulders or fording water,” the website says.

In addition, the 2022 GMC Hummer EV will also include a “Watts to Freedom” mode. This drive mode acts as a launch mode, which GM calls a “moonshot.” Think of it as a slingshot with a countdown since it adds an extra boost to your speed. In fact, the company says that Watts to Freedom mode will allow the electric vehicle to hit 60 mph in only three seconds.

This fall, GM started taking reservations for the first edition of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV. Customers flocked to the new Hummers and they sold out within minutes. The first round of the electric Hummers sold for $112,595. Yet customers who missed out will have further chances to secure the Hummer EV. In the fall of 2022, a variant of the SUVs and pickups will release for $99,995.