Goldfish Unleashes Spicy Collaboration with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce for ‘Limited Edition’ Snack

by Evan Reier

Spicy, cheesy snacks are arguably the best type of snack there is. Goldfish is adding to that argument with a new collaboration with Frank’s.

Frank’s Red Hot is a must-have hot sauce for anyone that likes heat. Any spice-lover will have an array of hot sauces available, and Frank’s is a must for things like chicken and chips.

But Frank’s and Goldfish are skipping a step in the process with an epic combination. The Goldfish brand released a poll asking fans what they want to see more out of the brand’s famous crackers.

The answer was heat. Of course, the snack brand was happy to deliver by bringing in a dousing of Frank’s. Janda Lukin, who is the chief marketing officer of parent company Campbell’s Snacks, explained the collab to USA Today.

“The No. 1 requested flavor for Goldfish was hot and spicy,” Lukin said. “We wanted to bring the heat with an unexpected partnership between Goldfish and Frank’s that fans will love.”

It’s definitely a match made in heaven, as classic snacks like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have proven. However, Lukin also added a warning to those who aren’t sure if the heat is for them.

“It is enjoy at your own risk. But we’ve learned that older kids are looking for bolder flavors as well,” Lukin said. “This flavor is for the older, mature audience, who requested and can handle the heat.”

Anyone that is a fan of Frank’s knows the sauce doesn’t play around. We get the warning, but it’s hard to imagine someone who’s not into the spicy side of snacking to pick up a bag.

And if you’re eager for even more Goldfish news, Lukin teased what’s to come.

“We’ve got a really fun roster of partnerships and flavors that’ll be coming up very shortly.”

Goldfish RedHot Crackers Aren’t Going to Be Around for Long

As perfect as the pairing is, the combo isn’t going to be around for long, at least not initially. In fact, they are so temporary that they’re literally labeled “Limited Edition” on the bag.

Of course, brands bring back flavors all the time, but the only information given to USA Today is that the product arrived in stores in May. With no date set for its an end, that likely means you want to move sooner rather than later.

Plus, they are priced appropriately! Just because they are limited doesn’t mean they’re marked up. For $2.49, you can get the 6.6-ounce bag at any of your local grocery chains.