Good Samaritans Rush to Lift NYC Cab Off Pedestrians After It Crashes Into Building: VIDEO

by TK Sanders

Incredible video footage out of NYC shows the better side of human nature as a group of New Yorkers rushed to rescue bystanders trapped under a cab. Two Manhattan women found themselves pinned under the taxi after the vehicle collided with a biker, jumped a curb, and ran over several pedestrians earlier this week.

At a glance

  • Six people sustained serious injuries when a taxi cab jumped a curb Monday in Manhattan
  • The taxi ultimately collided with two women sitting outside of a restaurant, pinning them beneath the cab
  • 15-20 New Yorkers rushed to the scene in order to lift the cab off of the women with their own strength
  • All victims of the crash survived, but witnesses said that the scene was something “out of a horror movie”

About 15 to 20 bystanders rushed to help the trapped women. Six people total sustained injuries because of the crash. All injured persons went to the hospital, and three are currently listed in critical condition.

Police said the wreck, which occurred in the tourist-heavy Flatiron district, appears to be accidental. They also said they are investigating the scene for any other possible motives.

NYPD Deputy Police Chief John Chell called the community’s willingness to help a “remarkable scene.”

“As this occurs, a remarkable scene took place,” Chell said. “About 15 to 20 New Yorkers attempted to take this cab off these women.”

The driver of the NYC cab was in shock after the accident

The cab crossed through a bike lane, jumped the curb and careened onto the narrow sidewalk. It struck several pedestrians before finally slowing against the side of a building. The cab driver also sustained serious injuries as a result of the crash.

A witness to the accident said that the cab driver hit a cyclist first, before slamming into the women who were eating at Black Seed Bagel. 

“Everybody rushed over and lifted the taxi off two women trapped underneath. One woman’s legs are gone. They were mangled. A guy took off his belt and tied it around her leg to stop the bleeding,” the witness said, as reported by the Daily Mail.

A second witness said that one of the women lost her leg below the knee; and that the other woman lost the majority of one of her thighs in the accident.

Meanwhile, “the driver was in complete shock, just sitting in his seat with his hands on the wheel,” the second witness said of the cabbie at the wheel of the NYC cab. “He was in the car for a couple of minutes until someone banged on his window and told him to get out because we were trying to lift the car to free the women. He eventually got out, took a few steps, then fainted.”

In a statement released after his briefing at the scene, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said, “We should not have to accept, and I will not accept, a reality where New Yorkers die from traffic violence.”