Goodwill Donor Accidentally Leaves $5k in Donated Jacket, Has It Returned Weeks Later

by Thad Mitchell

An individual looking to donate to a Texas-based Goodwill was feeling generous but not $5,000 worth of generous.

A Texas man who accidentally left a large sum of money in a coat pocket had the money returned this week. The man left an envelope containing $5,000 inside of an old jacket that his wife had given to Goodwill. Thankfully, the mistake was realized and rectified and the man got back his large chunk of change.

According to a recent Fox News Instagram post, the man first realized the mistake early last month. Rhonda Davis, manager of the Goodwill Store in Hurst, Texas, says in a video that the individual first reported the missing money around three weeks ago.

“About three weeks ago, we had a customer that had come in and said his wife had accidentally donated $5,000 in cash,” Davis says. “We roughly get donated anywhere from 50 to 2300 donations a day, so when the customer had come in, I explained to him that we had to go and sort through bag-per-bag.”

Goodwill Employee Finds and Returns Envelope of Cash

Goodwill store employees were unable to find the cash as they dug through bag after bag of clothing donations. Then, a massive winter storm forced the closure of the store for an extended period of time. When it seems like all hope of recovering the money was lost, store employee and good Samaritan Maqayla DeLaPena steps up. She found the lost money and immediately brought it to her supervisor’s attention.

“Rhonda, Rhonda… I found it,” DeLaPena said, according to Davis in the video.

The store then returned the cash to its owner. DeLaPena was also rewarded with a bonus as well as a commendation from the Fort Worth area Goodwill corporate office. She earned the Goodwill Medal of Integrity for her assistance in finding the lost money and the honesty to return it.

“Thank you, Makayla, for your incredible integrity,” said Terry Willet, Goodwill retail director of Fort Worth. “And thank you for letting Goodwill stand out, as well as yourself.”

It’s a happy ending for all involved and a lesson in in checking your pockets before donating clothing to Goodwill.