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Google Putting Majority of Business in Russia on Hold Amid Ukraine Invasion

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

On March 9, Google announced that it would stop doing most of its business in Russia due to the country’s conflict with Ukraine. This comes after the tech giant announced last week that Google ads would be suspended in the country, also due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. People in the country will no longer be allowed to use several apps and services that Google was previously offering. The tech giant has already removed many Russian apps from its platform and will continue to do so.

At a Glance

  • Google is putting the ‘vast majority’ of its business in Russia on pause.
  • Google Play is currently removing Russian apps from its platform.
  • Russians will no longer be allowed to use any Google payment services.
  • Many other companies are also halting their business operations in the country.

Google Removes Money Services and Apps Amid Russia-Ukraine Conflict

When revealing its decision to pull Google business from Russia, the company shared details of what that will look like. Russians will no longer be able to sign up for Google Cloud. They also will no longer be allowed to use Google payment services. On top of that, YouTube channels will not be allowed to monetize views that come from Russia.

Google is removing Russia-based apps from their store, as well. Russia Today and Sputnik have already been pulled from the platform. The tech giant said that they will continue to remove any other apps by Russian state-funded media.

Other Tech Companies Pull the Plug On Russian Operations

Google is just the latest in tech companies that are leaving Russian business behind. Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple have all done the same.

Earlier in the week, Amazon said that it is no longer allowing people in Russia to sign up for Amazon Web Services. Amazon’s Prime Video platform has also been shut off in the country. All retail shipments there have been suspended.

Microsoft paused all new product and service sales in the country last week. In the words of Microsoft’s president, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is “unjustified, unprovoked, and unlawful.”

Google is not the only company to pause all payment services in the country. Apple has also limited its payment services. Since Russians can no longer use Apple Pay to swipe into train stations, lines for the metro have reportedly been backed up in Moscow. All Apple product sales have also been paused in the country.

Overall, more than 300 companies from different industries have withdrawn their business from Russia. According to Fox Business, many of these 300 companies come from energy, food, agriculture, and transportation industries. Yale University has been keeping a list of businesses that are pausing their operations in the country.