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Government Sending Out $350 Relief Checks: Are You Eligible?

by Joe Rutland
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Government officials will be sending out a $350 relief check to numerous Americans from a $2.1 million pot in just a few days. Residents that qualify will get the rebates through the New Lenox, Illinois Property Tax Refund Program.

Qualifying residents are getting rebates through one U.S. town’s Property Tax Refund Program.

This program has been running for 13 years. This year, residents will receive a refund for 100 percent of their 2021 property taxes. Residents of New Lenox, Illinois, had to apply for the rebate by December 15, 2022, to be eligible for the payment.

Eligibility Requirements For New Lenox Relief Checks Are Here

In order to meet eligibility requirements, residents must have been living in New Lenox in 2021 and still reside in the town. Those who applied must have owned property in either a single-family home, townhome, apartment unit, or condominium unit. Owners of a multi-unit building must reside in one of the units to qualify for the refund.

They must have a copy of their 2021 Levy Property Tax Bill and their identification card. They must have been attached to the application. Residents need to be advised that they will not receive their check. What could prevent them from getting it? Things like withstanding bills, tickets, or violations owed to the village of New Lenox.

While the exact payment may differ, Kimberly Auchstetter, finance director and treasurer for the village, previously told The U.S. Sun that payments are worth an average of $350. For people who qualified for the payment and complete the application on time, checks are going out on or around Monday, March 6.

Village of New Lenox Handed Out More Than $1.5 Million In Rebates Lsat Year

In 2022, the village handed out $1,574,274 in rebates, Trustee David Butterfield said. “We’ve been doing this for so long that we don’t even make a lot of fanfare out of it,” New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann said of the rebate program.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are now eligible for inflation relief checks and stimulus payments. The New York Post indicates that a number of states are offering inflation relief checks for residents. In Massachusetts, the state will provide eligible taxpayers with a refund that totals up to 14.0312% of their personal income tax liability. All of this happens to be based on their 2021 tax returns. The state must return to taxpayers a portion of excess tax revenue if the revenue collection exceeds the annual tax revenue cap. 

Last October, a number of states were lined up to offer stimulus checks to their residents. Amounts ranged from $3,200 in Alaska to $50 in Illinois. While the check does come from a stimulus program. it might be named something else.