Grand Teton County Coroner Threatened and Harassed During Gabby Petito Press Conference

by Kati Michelle

Dr. Brent Blue is the name of the Grand Teton County Coroner who initially ruled Gabby Petito’s death as a homicide. More recently, he also dropped the tragic bombshell that she died by manual strangulation and, based on autopsy results, her body had remained undiscovered for weeks at the Grand Teton park.

Tensions ran high leading up to the Coroner’s press conference, and the presser only furthered that fact. During the virtual event, “hackers” threatened and harassed Dr. Brent Blue with vulgar messages. Here’s what happened.

Alleged Hackers Cause a Stir During Gabby Petito Autopsy Results Press Conference

Brian Entin marks the name of the News Nation Now correspondent that has been heavily involved with coverage of the Gabby Petito investigation. Namely, he spends a lot of time outside the Laundrie family house hoping to get some answers. “Someone hacked my name on the coroner’s chat and asked horrible things I’m told. That wasn’t me,” tweeted Entin. “It was in the chat section where questions were typed.”

Apparently, at least four other people logged into the conference using his name. Among these “horrible things” they spewed? Homophobic slurs and threats. Outsider staff also attended the virtual press conference. We can confirm these messages appeared during the event. You can also see some of them in this video below (Warning: vulgar):

So, how did this happen? The Gabby Petito autopsy conference was only supposed to involve verified members of the media, after all. Ultimately, it looks like it boils down to an unfamiliarity with the Zoom platform on the county’s part. They could have toggled a setting to manually accept Zoom viewers, but instead auto-accepted every verified (and unverified) request. The Zoom started with another technical issue when Dr. Blue accidentally kept himself muted to the audience. This meant that no one could hear his initial reading of the autopsy report. He was asked to repeat it after unmuting himself.

The hack(ers) have not been named.

Following Up

After the press conference wrapped up, Brian Entin got messages from viewers on Twitter relaying the damages. He then reached out to Dr. Blue himself to follow up on the situation. Dr. Blue reiterated most of what he had said during the conference pertaining to Gabby Petito’s death. He also expanded upon his initial comments about domestic violence.

You can catch their full conversation below. Former FBI agent Coffindaffer and State Attorney Aronberg also join the conversation later: