Grandfather Receives Racist Letter About Lawn Decor From ‘Decent, Middle-Class People With Class’

by Jon D. B.
Green Mailbox On Quiet Country Road. (Photo By: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The hateful letter, full of typos and racist rhetoric – reaches the grandfather via an anonymously mailed letter written by typewriter.

Twitter user @goIdenstef, granddaughter to the victim of this hateful letter, took to social media to show how outrageous people can be. While posting a photo of the vitriolic letter that was sent to her Ohio grandfather, “goldenstef” struggles to contain how upset the incident is making her. And rightfully so – as the signer of the letter claims to be a representation of “the decent, middle-class people with Class of Thunderbird Hills sub-division.”

‘Someone REALLY sent this to my grandpa…… my man is just trynna decorate his house and……. I f*****g hate people.”

@goIdenstef, Twitter

Unsurprisingly, however, the author of the letter chooses to remain anonymous. While no name is attached to the cowardly typed piece, it is surprisingly lengthy. Within, it state’s the grandfather’s front lawn is an ’embarrassment’ and looks like a ‘low-class Mexican family’ lives there. 

Grandfather “stunned by racist letter”

The racist letter, which you can read in full below, has absolutely blown up on twitter.

Some of the worst bits of the letter include:

“Oh my God – Enough already. All the people that we know in our neighborhood have commented on the EXCESSIVE decorations in front of your house – and am sorry to say, your house has become, and is, the laughing joke of the neighborhood. 

Some of our friends have even purposefully driven in front of your house just to see how RIDICULOUS all of those decorations look like – and needless to say, they all laugh. All those decorations are in “bad taste” and only goes to prove to everyone that a “low class Mexican family” lives there, or some Gypsy family [sic].

‘If the decorations were not bad enough, you all then started planting “pot plants” in the middle of the lawn. Oh my God, where do you people come from?’ 

Apparently you people must have come here to our neighborhood from the deep West side or the deep South side where all the poor people with no class live,’ the neighbor wrote. ‘Believe me when I tell you that your house is an EMBARRASSMENT to the neighborhood. 


Thankfully, there are many more good people in the world willing to spread kindness. People from around the world are offering to buy the Ohio man more lawn decorations. What’s worse, when “@goldenstef” reveals her grandfather’s house -it’s shown to be a beautiful property.

Regardless of the beauty of any house, there is never any excuse for treating a fellow neighbor in this manner.

The family is actively searching for the typewriter culprit.

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