Graphic Halloween Display Depicting Dead Bodies Prompts 911 Calls, Police Visits

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo Credit: David Menidrey via Unsplash)

“Let the bodies hit the floor” is apparently too much when it comes to this Halloween display.

What’s meant to look like Halloween decorations are giving off more of a murder scene vibe. Neighbors of East Dallas artist Steven Novak aren’t too happy about that. They keep calling the police and filing complaints about his terrifying creation.

As you can see in this tweet shared by Newsweek, bloody bodies are seen littering Novak’s front yard (and roof) in honor of Halloween.

“Violent Halloween display of mutilated bodies spark multiple police visits,” the tweet reads.

The police keep returning to the gory scene that’s on display but actually think it’s cool. There are multiple dummies on the ground, as well as one on the roof with an object stuck through its head, and even a wheelbarrow with dismembered dummies made to look like the job of disposing of the bodies was a failed attempt. To top it off, there’s a window that’s made to look like zombies are inside the house trying to escape.

Novak loves interacting with passers-by. He even told one kid that the dummies died because they “ate too many Skittles.” Couple that with Novak telling joggers in the morning that he’s “watering the bodies” since rain seems to keep washing away the fake blood.

Moreover, the artist said he loves pranks and really wants to freak people out this year. Novak went as far as planning and sketching out the mess on paper. He says, “Honestly, though, I think I could’ve used more. [My plans] were way worse on paper. Next year though!”

Mission accomplished.

Horror Scene Continues to Gain Traction

Not only are neighbors of Steven Novak sounding off about their distaste for the bloody scene, but people on Twitter are also chiming in. Most of the comments side with East Dallas and are not fans of the display.

Others are more in the Halloween spirit and love Novak’s artwork.