Huge Great White Shark Spotted Circling Cape Cod Boaters for 15 Minutes: Photos and Video

by Hunter Miller

Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts is the place to be if you’re hoping to lay eyes on a great white shark. In the last three days, there have been six confirmed sightings.

On Saturday, kids aboard a boat snapped photos and video of an eight-foot shark. The boaters spotted the shark off Sandy Neck Beach near Sandwich.

The enormous marine creature circled them for about 15 minutes, according to CBS Boston. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy identified the shark as a great white.

Father and Son Encounter 14-15 Foot Great White Shark

Also this week, a father and son captured incredible footage of a massive great white circling their boat. Owen and Scott Popkowski spotted the 14-15 foot long shark on Monday near Head of the Meadow beach in Truro.

Scott spoke about the experience and the range of emotions he felt while seeing the shark so close to his boat. “It was fun but it was a little nerve-racking too because it was right under our boat,” Scott said. “But the girth of the shark was just huge and its eyes. It brought back a lot of memories of childhood and seeing ‘Jaws’ and all the bad stuff.”

Owen chimed in to mention that he was worried about their dog during the shark encounter. “We also had our dog on the boat so I was nervous that he would jump in because he saw the shark too,” Owen said.

Earlier this week, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shared a message about sharks returning to Cape Cod waters. “This is another reminder that white sharks occur throughout Massachusetts’ coastal waters in the summer and fall, not just along Cape Cod,” the post reads. “Last year, four white sharks tagged by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries were detected by an acoustic receiver maintained off of Salisbury Beach by the United States Geological Survey’s Conte Laboratory.”

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