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Watch These Two Grizzly Bears Go Head to Head

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Zdeněk Macháček / Unsplash)

Shocking footage posted on YouTube shows two grizzly bears in a brutal fight. The two-minute and fifty-three-second video starts with the two grizzlies standing at opposite ends of a fallen log before squaring off.

The two grizzly bears slowly walk toward one another sizing up their foe. After a few moments of huffing and growling, the bears then perch on their hind legs. With a tall tree in between them, the two bears bite at one another.

The fight turns particularly aggressive when the brawl moves away from the tree to the ground. After pinning the other to the ground, the two grizzlies appear winded. They pause for a break before one bear eventually cedes ground and is chased away from the site.

After posting on YouTube, Internet users watched the clip more than 5 million times. A number of YouTubers took to the comment section to talk about the sheer strength and power of the bears.

“If you ever, for any reason, thought you just might be able to take on a bear in a fight, this should put you right,” one user wrote. “Just imagine swapping one of the bears out for yourself,” another commented. “Your bones would be shaken to dust in seconds.”

Grizzly Bears Behavioral Analysis

The experts with Bear Smart address how bears handle conflict. “Bears communicate with each other by establishing a hierarchy or pecking order in situations where they encounter each other,” the website reads. “It isn’t always size that makes one bear dominant over another, it’s the attitude of the dominant bear, or “alpha,” who is always in charge.”

While the bears looked particularly aggressive in the video, they actually don’t want to fight often. “Bears communicate their dominance by intimidating their opponent,” Bear Smart continues. “Bears do not fight with each other unless it’s absolutely necessary. Fight risks injury, and that is not the bear’s objective. It’s all about posturing.”

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