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Guaranteed Income Program: Do You Qualify for Up to $1,000?

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

At least 17 US states are offering a guaranteed income program with payments of up to $1,000. Overall, there are 35 different income programs. Read on to see if you qualify.

First of all, every state has different requirements for its programs. Additionally, each state offers varying amounts. Sometimes, the amount even varies within the state. For example, New York City has offered $1,000 to hundreds of mothers that live in Washington Heights, Harlem, and Inwood. These monthly payments were made available in collaboration with The Bridge Project. This is NYC’s first-ever guaranteed income program. It was first launched in June 2021 to help low-income mothers. The payments can be used on whatever the recipient chooses. So, for all low-income mothers or expecting mothers in NYC, look into The Bridge Project. They’ll be adding another 500 people to their program in the coming months.

Alaska is currently offering payments of $1,114 to residents. California has 10 income programs all on its own, with a range of payment amounts. The programs operate in Compton, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Marin County, Oakland, Sacramento, and San Francisco. The Sun reports that payments start at $300 and max out at $1,000.

Guaranteed income programs are also available in GA, FL, IL, IN, LA, MA, MN, MS, NM, NJ, NC, PA, RI, SC, VA, and WA. Residents are encouraged to apply for these income programs if they’re eligible. Generally speaking, the money has “no strings attached” – you treat it as you would any other income. Typically, programs are government-run, and money is consistently sent out for a set period of time.

Georgia’s Guaranteed Income Program Will Last For Two Years

GA is currently creating the largest income program in the South. It aims to help close the wage gap for women. The program, called “In Her Hands,” will mostly cater to Black women that are currently living in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in the Fourth Ward. Almost 40% of women in the Fourth Ward are currently living in poverty.

The program is set to start early this year. To start off, $13 million has been invested so far. The guaranteed income program will be run by the Georgia Resiliency and Opportunity Fund, along with GiveDirectly. 650 people will be getting $850 from the program every month. The payments will last for two years. It’s also possible for some recipients to get all of their money in one lump sum at the beginning. So far, no spending restrictions have been noted by the program.

Since the program has a very specific area in mind, people cannot apply for the guaranteed income program. Rather, they will be chosen by the program based on their income.