Gun Found in Area Dog the Bounty Hunter Searched for Brian Laundrie: Report

by Clayton Edwards

The Brian Laundrie case seems to grow stranger by the day. Recently, a fisherman found a discarded handgun in Fort De Soto. Dog the Bounty Hunter previously attempted to find Laundrie in the location. Additionally, Brian appeared in a couple’s selfie at the park just days before Gabby Petito’s family reported her missing. The Laundrie family often camped there.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Christopher Sacco, a 35-year-old fisherman reeled in a handgun while fishing at the location in October. Sacco thought that he was fighting a big fish. However, when he pulled his catch out of the water, he found a Publix bag. The bag contained a black revolver. As you would expect, the find shocked Sacco. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” he reportedly said after making the discovery. Then, he informed his fishing buddy, “Bro, I found a freaking gun.” It is important to note that the Times story makes no mention of Brian Laundrie.

Thinking quickly, Christopher Sacco called the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office to report the handgun. First, he snapped a quick photo of the catch of the day. The PCSD took the weapon into custody and later entered it into evidence. Additionally, they entered the pistol into the Florida Crime Information Center as well as the National Crime Information Center.

Sacco commented on his surprising find saying, “To actually catch something like that…somebody didn’t want that gun to be found.”

What Does the Gun Have to Do With Brian Laundrie?

Honestly, likely nothing. There’s no evidence in the Times report to suggest that there is a link between Brian Laundrie and the handgun. This goes a long way in explaining why the original report made no mention of him.

Furthermore, most people believed Laundrie to be dead when Sacco found the gun. The report states that Sacco made the discovery on October 23rd. By that time, authorities had already found human remains in Carlton Reserve. Those remains turned out to be Brian Laundrie.

The evidence suggests that Brain Laundrie died in Carlton Reserve, miles from Fort De Soto. Skeletal remains made it hard to identify his cause of death. However, a fatal gunshot wound would probably be evident even in skeletal remains. Even if he had ended his life with a self-inflicted shot, the weapon would not turn up submerged inside a shopping bag that far away. Additionally, Gabby Petito likely died of manual strangulation. As a result, there is no reason to believe that Laundrie used a gun in his alleged crimes.  

However, Sacco’s shocking catch might help authorities unravel a currently unsolved crime. It probably doesn’t have anything to do with Brian Laundrie, but the fisherman may have reeled in a key piece of evidence in another case.