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Handgun, Long Gun Imports Surged 60% in 2020 Reports Say: Details on the Firearm Spike

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: PAUL RATJE/ Getty Images)

In 2020, handgun and long gun imports saw a surge of nearly 60% in the United States, compared to the previous year.

2020 was a year of change and unrest. Many people experienced events and mandates that they may never experience again in their lives. Could the change and unknown be to blame for the increase in gun sales?

Why the Sudden Spike in Gun Sales?

According to the Co-Chairman of Brownell Inc., Pete Brownell, it isn’t one political side buying guns. After a liberal view on gun ownership from the Biden administration, people have taken safety into their own hands.

“People are taking security personally. So we think there is going to be the next 12, plus months are really going to be driving this market to be higher than what supply can provide for us. Our shelves are still bare, and every one of our customer’s stores.”

Brownell also says that the people who originally wanted gun control are among the highest demographics to buy firearms now.

“What policymakers need to understand is even though they have had a Biden or democratic vote, democrats are buying firearms at the same clip or even greater than a traditional gun owner. The urban areas that have been stricken with a higher rate of crime since there has been some defunding and some rioting is going on, these individuals, who have a right as an individual under anybody’s regime to protect themselves, are voting with their dollars and buying firearms.”


According to Fox Business and the Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting, the USA imported 6.4 million guns in 2020. In 2019, the number of handguns and long-guns imported was a staggering four million.

Most of the imported guns came to the United States from Turkey, Austria, Brazil, Croatia, and Italy. In addition, 3.4 million rounds of ammunition were imported to the US in 2020. The bulk, with 765,487,845 units, came from Russia.

Furthermore, “the National Shooting Sports Foundation estimated that there were more than 8.4 million legal first-time gun buyers in 2020.”

Gun companies are noticing the skyrocket in sales. Smith & Wesson experienced a 102% jump in third-quarter sales with $257 million worth of guns sold by their company alone. The Springfield, Mass. company reported that its third-quarter sales were $257.6 million. In 2019 that number was a mere $127.4 million.

President and Chief Executive Officer for Smith & Wesson, Mark Smith, reported on Thursday about the company’s surge in sales.

“Over the past year, millions of our fellow Americans from all walks of life have chosen to empower themselves by exercising their 2nd Amendment rights for the first time. Our loyal employees have risen to the challenge, delivering over 1.8 million units in the first three quarters of our fiscal year alone, ensuring that these new members of the shooting sports community were able to choose the highest quality, innovative firearms that Smith & Wesson has been known for since 1852.”