Harley-Davidson Demonstrates Support For Ukraine With Yellow and Blue Shirts

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images)

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues after more than a month of war in Eastern Europe, private companies are still doing what they can to support the besieged country. Many citizens and companies have utilized the country’s blue and yellow flag as a sign of Ukrainian support. In an attempt to raise funds in aid of Ukraine, iconic motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson is releasing a limited edition t-shirt with a majority of the proceeds going directly to the country’s relief efforts.

What You Need To Know

  • Harley-Davidson has created a limited edition t-shirt in support of Ukraine.
  • The company paired with United Way Worldwide to send $26 per sold shirt to the besieged country.
  • The motorcycle manufacturer also announced an additional $50,000 donation on top of the t-shirt proceeds.
  • Last month, the company suspended all motorcycle shipments to Russia.

Harley-Davidson Takes Further Action to Support Ukraine

Most countries have adopted a hands-off approach in supporting Ukraine against Russia’s attacks. Countries around the world have condemned Russian President Vladmir Putin for invading Ukraine, but have not joined the war themselves. The United States and many other nations have implemented numerous sanctions against Russia instead. They’ve also provided needed funds, supplies, weapons, and more to aid in Ukraine’s defense.

However, private companies are also trying to do their part as well. That’s how Harley-Davidson employees came up with the idea of selling the limited edition t-shirt. The workers wanted to “find a way to give back and show support for relief efforts for Ukraine.” In a collaboration with United Way Worldwide, the two companies created a t-shirt with classic Harley-Davidson lettering on the front in blue and yellow like the Ukrainian flag.

The new t-shirt is currently available for pre-order for $35 on Harley’s official website. For each shirt purchased, $26 of the sale will go to United Way Worldwide’s United for Ukraine Fund. The fund “is providing assistance in the form of transportation, shelter, food, medicine and critical childcare supplies to support those in crisis.” In addition, Harley-Davidson announced that the company will donate an extra $50,000 to the United for Ukraine Fund.

The Company Suspended Motorcycle Shipments to Russia Last Month

In early March, Harley-Davidson placed their own form of sanctions on Russia by halting all motorcycle shipments to the country. The bike manufacturer joined many other businesses that suspended operations in Russia in support of Ukraine. Last month, the company released a short statement on their decision over the matter.

“In light of the crisis in Ukraine, Harley-Davidson has suspended its business in Russia and all shipments of its bikes to the country. Our thoughts continue for the safety of the people of Ukraine and those impacted by the crisis,” Harley-Davidson announced, according to Milwaukee Business Journal.

It isn’t clear how many Harley dealerships and other operations are currently in Russia. But Europe is the bike company’s second-largest market after the United States. A Reuters report from March 1 shared that the company has 369 Harley dealerships spread across the globe. Even though the exact numbers in Russia are unclear, the country isn’t a “significant” market for Harley-Davidson, according to senior analyst and partner at Edgewater Research, Chris Hodson.

“Russia is not that significant of a market to begin with,” Hodson said to Reuters. “Any units that have been earmarked for Russia can be diverted elsewhere.”