Harley-Davidson Donates Massive Amount to Benefit Nevada Schools

by Megan Molseed

Harley-Davidson has donated tens of thousands to one Nevada school district. The donation is in support of a variety of programs helping students within the Carson City School District. These programs help students who may be facing housing needs, transportation issues, school materials, or a variety of other concerns that are likely to affect children in need within the Nevada school district, including the students who are part of a Nevada transition housing program.

The Highlights

  • Harley-Davidson has donated thousands to a Nevada schoold district to aid children in need.
  • The donation is part of the motorcylce giant’s community reinvestment program.
  • The funding will largely help area transitional housing programs.
  • “We are immensely grateful for this generous donation,” notes one project coordinator.

Harley-Davidson Donates Thousands To Nevada Area School District And Student Transitional Housing Needs

Earlier this week, Harley-Davidson Financial Services along with one of the company’s subsidies, Eaglemaark Savings Bank, presented a donation worth a whopping $40,000 to the McKinney-Vento Students in Transition Program. This program is located within Nevada’s Carson City School district.

The funding will go towards supporting housing needs via the program, as well as offering Wi-Fi availabilities; covering costs for supplemental transportation. As well as other materials the students may need throughout their years attending classes within the district. Program directors note that two students within the district currently utilize the housing opportunities. All of which are provided by the local housing programs.

The Generous Donation Will Provide Funding For A Variety Of Programs

Members of the Harley-Davidson reimbursement committee were on-hand presenting the generous donation check to the Carson City School District during a recent school board meeting. Representing the committee during the school board meeting were members of the Harley-Davidson community reimbursement committee program Nelia Anisio and Amber Kellner.

“We are immensely grateful for this generous donation,” says Christie Perkins. Perkins serves as a special project coordinator of some of these supplemental opportunities, as well as the director of the McKinney-Vento program.

“This funding will be utilized to its fullest extent for the benefit of this needful student population,” Christie Perkins continues of Harley-Davidson’s sizable donation to the non-profits.

$28,000 of the Generous Donation Is Going Towards Specific Housing Programs

Harley-Davidson has earmarked a portion of the $40,000 donation to go specifically towards the housing needs of students. As part of the company’s reinvestment program, $28,000 is set aside to go specifically towards specific organizations. Programs similarly focused on assisting with and providing adequate shelter and housing opportunities to students and families in need.

“I want to recognize all you’re doing for the kids,” notes one of the Carson City school board trustees, Mike Walker of the sizable donation.

“I can’t think of a better use for the money,” adds school board president Richard Varner.