Harley-Davidson to Launch Sportster Spinoff in April: Watch the New Teaser Video

by Jonathan Howard

Harley-Davidson is set to release a new cruiser with the Revolution Max-engine Sportster S platform. It is an interesting variant. Just in time for the Spring riding season, Harley is giving riders a fun option. This new launch is scheduled for April 12. So, we really only have a couple of weeks until this thing is out on the road and in action.

New Sportster This Spring

  • A new Harley-Davidson cruiser is coming with the Sportster S platform being used
  • The Revolution Max engine is being used in this new model that comes this April 12
  • Harley released a teaser video that showed some hints and glances at the new bike
  • This will likely be a smaller cc bike than ones released previously with the Rev Max engine

The Revolution Max engine is the latest platform the American motorcycle manufacturer has come up with. This new generation of bikes is getting its third iteration with a cruiser-style bike that is sure to impress. The changes in the Sportster S are not completely known. However, there is a nice teaser video that shows some aspects of the new model.

So, if you want to get excited about the newest creation coming out of Harley Davidson, check out the video below.

There are some other features that have been shown in photos released from Harley-Davidson of the Sportster itself. You can see the headlight in those photos and a shot of the rear end as well. The styling of the tank and the silhouette of the bike itself looks familiar if you are a Harley owner. Owners got an email about voting on different styles they would like to see for the Sportster model.

There has been some speculation about the power of this new model as well. While the first Revolution Max engine was a 1252cc displacement, that might not be the same with this bike. Before this video, the manufacturer noted that they would have options from 500cc up to 1250cc.

Right now, there is still more to learn about the bike. As far as names, Nightster and 48X seem to be the two folks expect when it releases in April.

New Harley-Davidson Sportster to Release Following Record-High Earnings

A new release like this upcoming Harley-Davidson Sportster model is only going to be good news for the company. In case you didn’t know, last year the company posted record earnings. The fourth quarter was massively profitable for Harley and they hope to see bigger earnings in 2022.

A 40% increase from 2020’s fourth quarter resulted in $1 billion in revenue. Also, Harley-Davidson was able to beat the projections from Wall Street. While the experts expected a loss in the per-share earnings, the motorcycle manufacturer made 14 cents per share. The stock, HOG, is up 6.9% on the year since the beginning of 2022.

If this release goes well then the company is going to be pushing that number even higher. Harley-Davidson is an iconic brand and this new Sportster model is going to be a badass bike. This is going to be one you see out on the road all summer once they hit the market.