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Harley-Davidson Reveals Eight New Bikes for 2022 Lineup

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Eight new, more powerful Harley-Davidson bikes will soon be on the roads as the company recently introduced them to the media and fans.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that each bike features the 117-horsepower Milwaukee Eight 117 engine.

Four bikes are part of Harley’s Custom Vehicle Operations, while the Street Glide ST, Road Glide ST, Low Rider S, and Low Rider ST are also coming out.

According to Cycle World, the three “ST” models and the “S” will be the first large-scale Harleys to use the Milwaukee-Eight V-twin.

New Harley-Davidson Bikes Have Fantastic Features

Heated seats and handgrips are just a few of the new motorcycle features. They’ll come in hand for those chilly winter days or upcoming Poker Runs.

Other cool features include electronically linked brakes, cornering traction control, a Bluetooth helmet headset, and an infotainment system with a color touch screen and navigation. It’s almost like riding in a fancy car without windows and doors.

Motorcycle.com reports that the Mesh Intercom Network protocol will connect an infinite number of riders for public mode. The network does a private made with up to 16 riders with a range of five miles.

As for the Custom Vehicle Operation bikes, the pricy bikes have new paint choices for 2022.

Harley-Davidson vice president of design Brad Richards commented on one particular bike called the new Low Rider ST. Richards said the bike is a product of custom motorcycle shows worldwide.

The company took 1980s designs and incorporated them with the Milwaukee 117 engine. Other changes involved a taller suspension and raised saddlebags.

Harley PR manager Paul James told Cycle World about the need for new features, saying, “it’s a generational shift. These customers have a different mindset, many of them coming off sportbikes.  

James added that many ride aggressively but still want the motorcycle’s top performance. 

Harley-Davidson CVOs Get Some Great Attention

Those four Custom Vehicle Operation bikes come with “hand-crafted paint and designs.”

According to Motorcycle.com, a new CVO Road Glide Limited replaces the CVO Limited, with CVO Street and CVO Road Glides coming back, along with the CVO Tri Glide. 

The website also said that long-running partner Gunslinger is in the mix, giving each CVO an all-new exclusive paint option. 

These unique bikes start with the CVO Street Gilde ($41,899) and go up with the CVO Tri Glide ($49,999).

Rare 1942 Harley Up For Auction

A rare 1942 XA military motorcycle is coming up on the auction block if you like retro bikes. The World War II bike is an early engineering pioneer, according to Motortrend.

The bike was supposed to go up against the BMW bikes, and this restored one could add to your collection. 

The website said the bike “claimed to be Harley-Davidson’s first shaft-drive, four-speed, foot-shift, and hand-clutch motorcycle, and also the first equipped with two carburetors.” 

Check out the bike here.