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Harrisonburg, Virginia Explosion Injures Three

by Evan Reier
(Photo by MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP via Getty Images)

The cause of an explosion in Harrisonburg, Virginia is currently under investigation by local officials. Also, the blast has currently injured three, and it remains to be seen if there are any other injuries.

Per CNN, Harrisonburg Director of Communications says officials got a call about the explosion at a two-story commercial building. Additionally, firefighters and officials are currently containing the three-alarm fire, which spread to two other buildings.

According to Parks, there are two people in the hospital with serious injuries. Additionally, one other has minor injuries. Further, officials are determining if others might have been injured.

Videos of Harrisonburg Explosion and Aftermath

Josh Edmonds’ video of the billowing plume of smoke from the explosion is going viral. Additionally, Edmonds, a Harrisonburg, Virginia native, posts an early photo of the blast.

“Massive explosion in Harrisonburg this morning. Praying for all those who may have been involved”

Edmonds further details the containment of the explosion.

“Harrisonburg VA fire and explosion appear to be contained now. Ugly scene, explosion heard and felt miles away”

In response to another Twitter user, Edmonds goes on to say what type of business the explosion happened at.

Edmonds says the fire is raging at a “business building that contained a vape shop.”

Additional Context for the Explosion

Besides Edmonds videos and tweets, there are also other locals filming and reacting. CNN talked to another filmer, Jesse Green. Green’s uploaded video is also gaining notice.

Obviously, Green’s video shows a massive fire. In addition to the video, Green talked to CNN about the blast.

“I live about two miles away,” Green tells CNN. “And it rattled my windows. I was able to get close and get this video.”

Additionally, police have cleared out the area which included about 50 people, according to Green.