Harry Reid, Former Senate Majority Leader, Dies at 82

by Michael Freeman

Harry Reid served as the United States Senator from Nevada for several decades and has a long list of other political achievements behind him. Sadly, he passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 82.

TMZ reports the acclaimed Democratic Nevada Senator died in Henderson, Nevada. Governor Steve Sisolak and current Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer confirmed the news. As of now, his cause of death remains unclear. However, medical professionals diagnosed Reid with pancreatic cancer in 2018 and he underwent intense treatments.

After being born to a poor family in a rural Nevada mining town, he grew up as a boxer before beginning his political career. He was in Congress for 34 years, starting out as a Representative in 1983. Later on, in 1986, he began serving in the Senate and became the chamber’s Democratic leader after the 2004 election.

Besides his esteemed political achievements, you may also remember Harry Reid for his UFO enthusiasm. Being from Nevada, the state housing the infamous Area 51, it’s not too surprising UFOs were a subject of interest. In fact, it’s accurate to say he functioned as the driving force behind extraterrestrial research. In 2007, he secured funding for a Pentagon program to investigate UFO reports and related happenings. Further, The Guardian reported Reid stating this year “We’re at the infancy of it” regarding UFO research.

As mentioned, Chuck Schumer succeeded Reid as the Senate Democratic Leader. He stated remembering Reid as “one of the most amazing individuals” he’s ever met. Additionally, he praised the late Senator’s tenacity, saying he was “tough-as-nails strong.”

As Part of a Defense Bill, President Joe Biden Signs New UFO Investigation Unit into Law

Harry Reid’s attention to UFO research seems to have paid off. Aliens should be wary now, as President Biden signed a UFO investigation unit into law as part of a new defense bill.

The UFO unit comprises a part of the $770 billion defense bill. The Sun reported the specifics, saying the new unit will be very X-Files-esque. Specifically, ground agents will have missions exclusively associated with UFO sightings and research. The unit will also report to Congress about any findings in annual and biannual reports.

UFO hunters and enthusiasts heartily approve the new UFO unit, with the news spurring similar activity in the UK. Upon learning about the bill, a UAPMediaUK spokesperson talked to the Sun about what may happen there.

“With the UAP amendment now passed into law, one thing is for certain — the United States Government is officially investigating a decades-old issue which seemingly started during the birth of the American nuclear age. Eyes are now firmly on the UK (after declining to investigate UAP) and the question will be asked once again if they intend to create a mechanism dedicated to understanding and resolving UAP technology,” the spokesperson said.