Heating Up: Demand of Natural Gas Increasing Might Mean Your Heating Bill Could Drastically Rise

by Jonathan Howard

Gas prices could be going up, and not just the kind that goes in your car. Natural gas could cause a 30% rise in heating bills. The United States is preparing for winter with the price of natural gas doubling in the last year. Get those jackets out.

As the economy continues to recover from the pandemic in America and around the world, prices might go up everywhere. There is going to be high demand as homes and businesses look to stay warm in the coming months.

Mark Wolfe, the executive director of the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, spoke with the Associated Press about the issue.

“Consumers got used to very low prices last year because with the pandemic everything was shut down. Now, everything’s coming back online, industry is returning and natural gas is being used again in very large quantities. And that’s pushing up the price.”

As the Fall sets in and October starts to creep along, the NEADA believes that natural gas bills could rise as much as 30% this year compared to last. If that is the case, families will need to prepare for the incoming prices on their bills this season.

Stimulus Checks Available for Essential Workers

Folks are still healing as the economy repairs itself from the pandemic. While natural gas prices are rising, perhaps a new round of stimulus checks can help families. So, people are looking for the relief they need to help them get back on track. The US Agriculture Department is sending checks out to essential workers in the ag industries.

Those payments are worth $600 and are on their way in the coming weeks. Those eligible are employees who worked as grocery workers, farmworkers, and meatpackers during the pandemic. The US Agriculture Secretary said that the payments, “are a reflection of the essential nature of the work [those workers] performed during the pandemic.”

These checks are going to go out to those most in need. There are few who risked their health more than those in the Agriculture industry. Meatpackers, grocery store workers, and farmers were working all through 2020 and still are. They have sacrificed a lot. These funds will help those that need an extra boost.

For those that are expecting to receive a payment, checks will go out starting October 5th. That means folks will see the money hit their accounts directly or will receive a paper check like with other stimulus payments. So as the first week of October comes by, be on the lookout for those checks.