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Herd of 85 Cows Stampede Down Busy City Street

by Jennifer Shea
Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/picture alliance

Roughly 85 cows stampeded through a city center in Somerset, England this past weekend.

The cows bolted past startled patrons at the Phoenix Hotel in Chard. The onlookers promptly called the police to round them up. 

Cows on the Loose

The hotel’s CCTV cameras captured the cow stampede for posterity, the Somerset News reported.

A police spokesman said they received multiple calls about the cows around 9:45 p.m. He said officers got help from members of the public in rounding up the cows. Even so, it took them until about midnight.

“It was unbelievable, we have never seen anything like it here before,” Phoenix Hotel manager Steven Jones told the Somerset News. “The cows were all moving at quite a pace, and a few ran past on the pavement right next to the pub. It is lucky that it was not 10 or 15 minutes earlier, as a lot of people had just left and had been standing outside the pub.”

The Chard and Ilminster News reports that a pair of farmers was originally leading the cows down the street. 

Police had to shut down nearby roads as a precaution. Nobody was injured in the incident.

Dairy Farming Meets Rugby Club

While no property damage occurred, the cows left behind some mess in their wake.

“I think the cows ended up congregating at the rugby club in the end and made a bit of a mess from what I hear,” Jones added.

Somerset is primarily an agricultural county. Dairy farming is a key industry there, as is stock raising. Cider production is also significant in the area.

Chard is a picturesque, hilly town in between Dorset and Devon. It has a population of about 13,000.

The town has recently fallen on hard times with the announcement that Oscar Mayer will close all its locations in Chard. The company employs 860 people there and is a major component of the town’s economy.