Here’s How Many Chicken Wings Americans Are Expected to Eat on Super Bowl Sunday

by Megan Molseed

Food and football are always a winning combination. Especially during the Super Bowl. Sure, chips, dips, hot dogs, or burgers may be a part of the typical Super Bowl menu spread. But there is one food that is an absolute must for Super Bowl watchers…chicken wings!

Chicken wings have long been a Super Bowl go-to…but how many will be eaten during the Super Bowl LVI? Well, according to the 2022 Wing report from the National Chicken Council, the answer is in the billions. It is estimated that Americans will chow down on as many as 1.42 billion of the delicious wings when the Rams and Bengals take the field this Sunday.

Is It Even A Super Bowl Party Without Chicken Wings?

Thankfully, while some of our favorite products are facing unprecedented shortages this year, chicken wings will not be one of them. Stores have long been stocking the delicious tiny chicken wings, and it seems there will be plenty to go around. However, the prices for the bountiful wings have not gone down. And they aren’t expected to fall any lower in the next few days.

“Retail wing prices are up about $0.30 per pound on average from the same time last year,” notes the National Chicken Council of the favorite Super Bowl treat. Of course, football fans will be seeing a rise in all the meat prices for this year’s snacks; as the costs have increased across the board over the last few months.

However, it is very unlikely that these costs will slow down the consumption of the delicious snack. People crave chicken wings this time of year. And, chances are, they are willing to pay the price…because, really, what is a Super Bowl party without a plate of chicken wings? From spicy to regular, or sweet chicken wings will no doubt be piled high on many plates during the big game.

‘Now This Is A Story’

While chicken wings are certainly a Super Bowl favorite, so are the commercials. The big game always draws in fans, sure. But millions also tune in to catch the action between the plays, the Super Bowl ads. One of this year’s Super Bowl ads takes viewers back to the 1990s; as one sitcom star revisits an iconic television theme song.

In a bid to support the upcoming dramatic reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the show’s original star, Will Smith appears in an ad that takes us all down memory lane. In the throwback ad, Smith – and a whole bunch of people from all over the globe – sing the show’s iconic theme song. Of course, it’s hard to watch the ad without the song staying in your head for hours afterward! That’s okay, though. The song is still pretty catchy, even after all these years.