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Here’s How to Ensure Your Donations to Ukraine Relief Efforts Are Going to the Right Place

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

People are making donations toward relief efforts in Ukraine. Concerned that your donations are going to the right place? We’ll help you. According to a story from NBCDFW, Amy Rasor, Regional Director of the Better Business Bureau’s Fort Worth (Texas) office, said look for organizations working in the area. “It’s all in timing and making sure that it gets there sooner rather than later and that it’s done in a way that the logistics are already worked out. They know what they’re doing,” said Rasor.

At A Glance

  • People are making donations to help with relief efforts in Ukraine.
  • Many should take note of what organizations are working in the area.
  • Check to see if the charity has experience in disaster relief.
  • See if the organization you are donating to is established in Ukraine.
  • Visit websites that can give you more information on safe donations.

Donations For Ukraine Relief Effort Might Also Have Fees Taken Out

Make sure you ask about how much those donations will to go relief efforts in Ukraine. You might also want to ask if there will be fees taken out. Ask if the charity you are making donations to has experience with disaster relief efforts. It might be wise also to ask if the organization is established in Ukraine.

Visit websites like the BBB’s Give.org, GuideStar, or Charity Navigator and check on organization’s ratings. It matters when it comes to making sure donations are being delivered safely.

“We’re looking at their financial health,” said Kevin Scally, chief relationship officer at Charity Navigator. “We’re also looking at their governance practices. Essentially, how transparent are they? How accountable are they? Are they financially efficient? Are they going to be around for years to come?”

Airbnb Donors Use Service To Give Hosts Income During War

Meanwhile, Airbnb is waiving guest and host fees for people booking stays in Ukraine. These people also will let hosts know they’re not traveling. Donors are using Airbnb to give hosts income during the war.

Airbnb spokesperson Sam Randall said the company is offering short-term housing for refugees from Ukraine. Demand is currently in Europe, Randall said, though it’s possible United States hosts could be asked to help in the future.

Rasor said, “Unfortunately, any time there is an emergency or a disaster, we saw this with COVID, people start thinking of ways they can take advantage of the situation. It’s horrible to think of, but it happens every time there’s a disaster.”

Make sure that you don’t click links from people that you do not know. That will help ensure that you aren’t giving donations of money to a criminal. Donations are still being taken by groups, though, so be careful out there.