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Heroic Amazon Driver Saves Customer’s Daughter From Attacking Pit Bull

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A heroic Amazon driver recently saved one customer’s daughter and the family pet from an attacking pit bull last week.

For Amazon employee and Las Vegas resident Stephanie Lontz, the bravery tops off a hectic week of getting bit by another dog, rescuing a toddler locked in a house, and making her regular holiday package rounds. The Daily Mail reported on the woman’s brave act.

Her reward? Besides lots of praise from co-workers and the community, Lontz received four tickets to a special Las Vegas Christmas attraction in the city, the Enchanted Christmas at the Las Vegas Ball Park. Her friends and another company, 702 Logistics, chipped in for the tickets.

Surveillance Footage Show Dogs In Fight With Teen In Middle

Stephanie Lontz was hard at work and delivering her Amazon packages when she saw a teenager screaming amid a pit bull attack.

At first, the video shows the teen welcoming the pit bull and petting the dog. But when the family dog gets out of 19-year-old Lauren Ray’s house, a fight ensues.

Ray screams as she picks up her dog. The pit bull leaps and bites both dog and teen before Lontz runs over to help. The woman steps in between the dog and teenager, giving Ray a chance to escape inside the house.

Without thinking, Lontz helped, and the video catches her calling the pit bull a ‘bad dog.’

This past Friday, Michael Ray thanked the Amazon worker for her courage. The family reunited with the woman, and the Rays hugged Lontz.

Fox5 interviewed Lontz, who said the screams “made her think of her own child.” She hoped that someone would help if that were happening to her child. When she thought further about the act, she felt it surpassed a mother’s love and instead was a “human thing to do.”

Ray thanked Lontz, saying she was glad to see her after the incident. The incident shook her up, and she didn’t have time to thank the woman.

It doesn’t seem to be a dull job at all for Lontz and many of her co-workers. The woman said they “really go through a lot,” and her fellow workers are there when others are not and often don’t get the recognition. She related the story of another co-worker who helped put a fire out when nobody was around.

But, on this occasion, Lontz got loads of credit. After seeing the video, even an Amazon representative thanked her for her service to the company and the community.

Amazon Driver Also a Hiking Advocate

Friends in one Facebook group called Hiking Vegas applauded Stephanie Lontz recently for her bravery. Lontz was called a group administrator. It’s almost automatic that if you’re doing all that walking as an Amazon driver, you’ve got to be a hiker.

The woman responded, “thanks, everyone. It’s been a little crazy.” 

Facebook group members told the woman that the world needs more people like her. Another member said her act restores her “faith that there truly are still awesome, kind and amazing individuals.”