Heroic Police K-9 Takes Bullets for Handler, Intense Video Shows Officer Rushing to Save Its Life

by Kati Michelle

There are two types of people in this world: dog lovers and those that are simply on the wrong team. Man’s best friend has an outstanding track record for always being there when we need them and quite frankly going above and beyond, too. One 9/11 survivor attributes his seeing-eye guide-dog for saving his life at Ground Zero. Dogs are also providing much-needed emotional support to firefighters out on the frontlines right now trying to squelch flames from the ongoing wildfires in much of the West. In a similar realm, the police department’s relationship with dogs has a long history of benevolence.

Do you remember that movie scene from “I Am Legend?” You know the one I’m talking about. The one where Will Smith sings Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” to his ailing dog as your heart shatters into a million tiny, little pieces. The bonded pair would have done anything for each other, including self-sacrifice. Well, in a scene mirroring that movie, two heroic Police K-9s took bullets for their handler recently. Intense video from the scene shows an officer rushing to save one of their lives.

Police Camera Captured the Heartbreaking Footage

This past weekend, a Lyft driver contacted the police to detail his scary experience with a passenger. After picking up the passenger, now identified as 21-year-old Shedrick Singleton Jr., the driver proceeded on the requested route. It led the two of them to a remote area of Orlando. Here, the passenger allegedly forced the driver out of the vehicle at gunpoint and then fled towards the nearby forest.

After tracking down the stolen Kia Sedona minivan, police officers pursued the suspect but were met with gunfire. The conflict escalated extremely quickly and left two K-9s seriously injured in the process. Florida Sheriff Mike Chitwood took part in a press release and issued the following statement on the matter:

“There is no doubt that K-9 Ax and K-9 Endo took bullets that were meant for my deputies, because if the deputies would have gone into the woods, the first person to come into contact with [the suspect], without a doubt, would have been shot.”

Now, Fox News shared a snippet of the footage to their Instagram page. The video comes directly from the police officers at the scene, however, so it can be a little intense, just as a forewarning. If you think you can handle watching the events at the crime scene, and want to see how it all unfolded, you can do so here:

During the altercation, Singleton sustained a few injuries himself and ended up getting transported to the Central Florida Regional Hospital. His injuries were said to be life-threatening. He is facing charges of armed carjacking and the use of a deadly weapon against a police K-9.