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Heroic Police Officers Swim Through Freezing Water to Rescue Dog

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Wednesday morning was extra chilly for a couple of police officers in Spain. The two walked into the freezing water of a reservoir to rescue a stray dog.

The Spanish police force tweeted a video of the dog being rescued. You can watch below:

The two men strip their clothes off and wade into the icy water. The pup quickly swims towards the officers and they help the poor dog to shore. The dog had been trapped in the reservoir for hours. The dog was rescued just in time, as Spain’s Meteorological Agency predicted heavy snow and high wind for the area.

Another Sappy Swimming Win for a Dog

Last year, a runaway dog swam 3,300 feet across the Ohio River. Allie, a rescue dog, swam from Evansville, Indiana to Henderson County, Kentucky. Allie ran away from her previous home in December 2020, and her aquatic adventure garnered lots of national attention. Several departments tried to rescue Allie from the river, but she refused their help. Trying to help Allie almost turned deadly, as she dipped below the water multiple times and almost drowned.

Albeit scared, Allie finally made it back onto land. She didn’t stop there, though. She immediately ran into the woods, where she stayed for an entire week. Once people were able to lure the dog out, they sent her to live with her now-owner, Michelle Phillips. Michelle first saw Allie while she was still in the river, and things weren’t looking too good. “I raced down there and found several people watching her in the water and said she had gone under several times,” Phillips said.

When Phillips brought Allie home to be fostered, she was scared of everything. People, and even dog leashes, would give her a fright. She just laid on the couch for her first night, and they left her alone to adjust.

Phillips was just supposed to train Allie so she could be rehomed. We all know how that goes, though. Allie officially joined the Phillips household this month, on the anniversary of her great trip across the river.

Phillips stated that she knew early on that Allie would be joining her furry family. “I believe dogs are family and mine have a good life. Every dog deserves a loving home and a chance. I could not stand to put her through anything more so I really thought, what better time than the year ‘anniversary’ of finding her?”

The Extreme Places Pups Go

At the beginning of this year, a search and rescue was underway for a hunting dog in Hawaii. While hunting a pig, the pup had fallen off of a cliff. It took 48 hours to find the pup, who was 500 feet below a cliff in Koke’e State Park. Two expert rappellers came to the rescue, and soon hunting dog Jane was home safe with her family.

Rescue stories are always heartwarming because they bring us even closer with our four-legged companions. But will we ever know how, and why, our pets get themselves into these situations?