Heroic Teen Rescues Pilot After Helicopter Crashes on Tractor He Was Driving

by Chris Haney

Last week, a 19-year-old in Washington state became a local hero when he rescued a pilot after his helicopter crashed into the teen’s tractor he was driving at the time of the incident. Logan Schneider was working at his family’s cherry orchard when he witnessed the plummeting helicopter headed right for him. Thankfully, his quick reactions saved his own life along with helping the pilot out of the fiery helicopter crash.

At a Glance

  • A teenager in Washington state is a hero after saving a pilot from a helicopter crash
  • Logan Schneider entered the fiery wreckage to pull the pilot to safety after he was hanging upside down in the crash
  • Both men sustained non-life threatening injuries in the incident

It was just another routine day for Schneider working at his family’s orchard about 12 miles north of Wenatchee. The teenager was busy “blowing cherries” after a recent rain, which is a process of drying off the fruit. At the time, he was wearing noise-canceling headphones when he heard “two thumps,” according to recent reports.

“I looked up and that’s when I saw it,” Schneider said to the New York Times. “As soon as I saw it coming down on me I was like, ‘Oh no, this is definitely gonna hit me.'”

Schneider also gave an interview to Seattle’s KING-TV sharing further details about the incident. He said that he was “pinned up against the steering wheel” after the helicopter crash. The teen also added that he was, “stuck with the nose of the helicopter sitting right here,” as he motioned behind the driver’s seat. Schneider quickly freed himself from the wreckage and then focused on saving the pilot. According to the outlet, the pilot, Cori Johnson, was stuck upside down still buckled into the helicopter.

“I heard him screaming,” Schneider said to KING-TV. “I looked and I saw him … upside down hanging … fire was everywhere. When I was in the moment I really wasn’t thinking. I was just doing.”

Both Men Sustained Non-Life Threatening Injuries Following the Helicopter Crash

On July 6, the Orondo Firefighters Association responded to reports of an “aviation accident” around 9:20 a.m. When firefighters arrived at the scene, both the helicopter and tractor were in flames.

“Firefighters initial efforts were hindered by difficult access and high voltage power lines,” the OFA’s Facebook post said.

“Once the power lines were de-energized firefighters extinguished the fire on both the tractor and helicopter,” Orondo Fire added.

Supposedly, the helicopter was a Hiller UH-12E and it crashed “after becoming tangled in power lines while conducting agricultural operations” in the area. Medics transported both Schneider and Johnson to a local hospital and the Times reported their injuries were non-life threatening. Johnson was the only person in the helicopter when it crashed.

Schneider shared that he sustained small second-degree burns on his arms and muscle damage in his back. He’s currently wearing a back brace for the injury. As for Johnson, his specific injuries are not known at this time.

Ironically, Schneider has always wanted to be a pilot himself. The teen recently graduated high school and has plans to become a commercial airline pilot. Following the helicopter crash, his future plans are still intact.

“I still want to be a pilot,” he said to the Times.

On Wednesday, the National Transportation Safety Board reported that the crash is still under investigation.