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Heroic Texas Police Officers Save Unconscious Driver From Car Going Up in Flames: VIDEO

by Courtney Blackann
Photo by Jeremy Drey6/19/2008 (Photo By Jeremy Drey/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

A pair of Texas police officers are being hailed as heroes after they pulled an unconscious driver from a fiery car Wednesday night. Garland Police officers Matthew Fuhs and Chris Hataway pulled the driver out just before the vehicle burst into flames.

The scary moment was captured on bodycam footage, which has since been released. After the officers arrived at the scene, they were shocked to learn someone was still inside. The car looks to be filled with smoke and small flames as the officers approach. They can be heard yelling at the man to wake up.

Fuhs and Hataway frantically try to shake the driver awake to no avail. It’s then they make the decision to pull the person out from the passenger side window. The officers are able to get the person out in the nick of time. Soon after dragging the man away from the flames, the car goes up in a blaze.

The two officers waited with the unconscious man while help arrived, breathless and exhausted from the ordeal.

Officers Praised as Heroes

“Time was of the essence,” Fuhs told NBC. “I saw that the flames were starting at the back of the vehicle and they were starting to approach toward the passenger side where he was located. There’s no letting up. You gotta just keep moving forward. You gotta try to get this guy out.”

Shaken, but okay, the officers were also checked out by emergency medical services. The unconscious man was transported to a nearby hospital for help.

Further, a spokesperson for the Garland Police Department said they were extremely proud of how Fuhs and Hataway responded.

“They were there in seconds,” Lt. Pedro Barineau, a spokesman for the department said. “If they were not there, that guy would have burned inside the car.”

Texas Police Officers Wrangle Runaway Sheep

In a similarly heroic act, though not as terrifying, some Texas police officers wrangled some runaway sheep near San Antonio.

According to the San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS), the animals escaped and headed for a busy road. Volunteers tried to get them back using ropes, but were unsuccessful.

“Officers Winckler and Austin quickly spotted the sheep enjoying a little bit of grass but the animals were not thrilled with being spied on and they got spooked. The sheep ran towards the TX 151 access road and a now much larger group of officers formed human walls to keep the sheep from jumping onto the highway,” a Facebook post by ACS said.

It continued:

“No luck and the sheep jumped a retaining wall. They made their way onto the highway prompting the police to block westbound traffic so the ACS officers could give it another shot. In short order, the group of officers guided the sheep off the highway and back towards the shelter across the access road.”

Luckily, the officers worked with the ACS volunteers to quickly gather the animals and keep them off the road. They were all returned safely.