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Herschel Walker on 2020 Presidential Election: ‘This Is About Your Grandkids’

by Hunter Miller
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Herschel Walker is speaking out about the 2020 Presidential election and the importance of understanding the issues. The former NFL star took to social media on Sunday to address his fans and followers and share the message to “vote the truth.”

The 58-year-old shared the clip with the caption: “People let’s educate ourselves on this election…the freedom of America is at stake!”

At the beginning of the clip, Herschel Walker addresses the media and what he feels is biased reporting.

“I was thinking that, you know, it’s sad to me that a lot of the news people now have become opinionated and use their own narrative,” he said. “It happened to me with a station in Atlanta, but that’s ok. Because I said, ‘Truth will set you free.’ And the only reason I got involved is because I wanted people to know the truth.”

The ex-MMA star continued by stating that he wants to elect a President that will uphold the “American ways.”

“And the truth about, and during this election, we got to elect someone that is going to be great for America,” he said. “Someone that is not going to change the American ways.”

Herschel Walker on the Importance of the Election

Walker then pointed out what he sees as some of the primary issues of the election.

“You know, right now, we’re voting on our religion. We’re voting on our freedom of speech. We are voting on so many great American freedoms,” he said. “That’s why I say, that you got to know the truth. And most of these stations now are giving you their opinion. Giving you these fictions that are not truth. Well, truth will set you free.”

Walker explains that he plans to continue speaking out because the election has bigger implications for all Americans.

“And I want people to know that this is a wonderful country. That I’m going to do whatever I can to let people know the truth,” he said. “Right now it’s bigger than Herschel Walker. It’s bigger than any one person. This is about your grandkids. This is about your kids, this is about all the freedom.”

In conclusion, Walker poses a series of questions for Americans to ponder.

“What country in the world would let an African-American achieve the things they have achieved? Let Native Americans achieve the things they’ve achieved? The Latino-Americans achieve the things they’ve achieved? Let white America, let all America achieve the things they’ve achieved except the United States of America?”

“So I just want people to know, truth is what is going to set you free. So vote truth. Not your opinion. And not just what you feel or what you think,” he said. “Vote the truth.