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Herschel Walker on 2020 Presidential Race: ‘The Most Important Election of Our Lives’

by Jacklyn Krol
David Rosenblum, Icon Sportswire

Herschel Walker spoke out about the 2020 presidential election and the “elephant in the room.”

What Herschel Walker Said

Walker has a message regarding the presidential race. He shared a short video on Monday (September 21) that he uploaded to his social media accounts. “The most important election in HISTORY,” he captioned the video. “Not just for ⁦@POTUS⁩ but all branches of Gov’t. Why does no one seem to care about the elephant in the room?”

“I just saw the Democratic party raise a lot of money and a lot of it came from ActBlue,” he began. He claimed that BLM gave a lot of money to ActBlue as well. “Which is okay, I reckon you can support,” he admitted. He then claimed that he discovered BLM has partnered with a company in China that was allegedly giving the organization money.

Watch the video, below.

His Previous Interview

Walker spoke with Fox News on Sunday (September 20). He spoke out about the Black Lives Matter co-founders calling themselves “trained Marxists.”

“I felt so guilty because I always consider myself a person to tell the truth,” he told the outlet. “And I said, I haven’t been telling the American people the truth because… I didn’t hear anyone ever tell me that [they were] a trained Marxist.”

“All you athletes out there, all you companies, all you professional teams that’s promoting BLM. Are you telling me that you’re promoting someone that said that they’re trained Marxists?” he questioned.

Additionally, Walker spoke about his relationship with President Donald Trump. “I’ve known him for 37 years,” he admitted. “The truth is he is not a racist. The truth is he loves the United States of America. I’m tired of people listening to his tweets saying that that’s the type of man he is because he’s not. Look at the action that he does.”

“I’m a guy who believes in the Lord Jesus,” he added. “I believe in my family. And I love America,” he added. “So I’m going to fight for it. I’m going to do what I can to tell the people the truth,” Walker concluded.