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Herschel Walker Answers Celebrities Who Claim African-Americans Are Oppressed

by Chris Haney
Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

On Monday, former NFL running back Herschel Walker slammed celebrities who say African-Americans are “oppressed,” and said that everyone is “BLESSED” to be living in America.

Walker, 58, posted a video on Twitter where he made the comments. Additionally, he wrote in the caption that all other countries are envious of the American Dream.

“We’re not oppressed we’re BLESSED in the USA!! The American Dream is the envy of all other countries …vote to keep our Freedom,” Walker wrote.

Walker Advocates for the Republican Vote

The two-time NFL Pro Bowler said representing America in the 1992 Olympics was an honor. In addition, Walker touched on his time at the Olympics. He said he noticed many countries “that had envy for the United States of America.”

“I started thinking. This poor Black kid from South Georgia got a chance to represent the United States of America as I’ve been hearing from a lot of people saying, ‘we’re oppressed,'” explained Walker. “Well I’m here to tell you, you’re not. So, all the entertainers, all the athletes out there that are telling these people, we African-Americans are oppressed, well, we’re not. We can do whatever we want to do.”

The former Heisman Trophy winner is a longtime friend of President Donald Trump and a well-known Republican. He has been an outspoken supporter of Trump and even spoke at the 2020 Republican National Convention. The running back went on to speak about the election and advocated for voters to cast their ballot for Trump.

“So, vote for Donald Trump. Vote for a Republican. Because I’m telling you, let’s not throw our country away,” Walker said. “Let’s vote for those freedoms we have in the United States of America.”

Furthermore, in the video, Walker encourages viewers to think about the American way as they vote. He says when voters go to the polls next month, to “remember the American way: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, so many freedoms that we have.”

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